Week Twenty-Two

365 in 2009!

Lemon Roll from Butlers, 2 forks.
Lemon Roll from Butler’s, and two forks.

Monday: So cold I refuse to leave the office.
The weather was so horrendous that I refused to leave the complex at lunch time. Instead I broke into my emergency cup-a-soup stash. It was disgusting but warm.
Colourful post-it notes behind.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are never any good.
Tuesdays are rarely any good.

Wednesday: New Shoes with Cat
Kitten invades my new shoes photoshoot.
It only took me 10 months but I finally found some sneakers that I like and consider wearable.
Craig considers it a miracle.

Thursday: Amazing SunRise
A beautiful sunrise on budget day, seen from my office.

Friday: Contingency card.
On my lunch break I made Craig a birthday card contingency plan in case his present wasn’t delivered in time.

Birthday Boy - Guitar Hero
Craig, concentrating, wearing a t-shirt I bought him and playing Guitar Hero Metallica which was his main present.
At this point in time? he is unaware of the surprise party I had organised for him!


Winter Outfit (it's hard to take self portraits with this lens)
Winter Outfit (it’s hard to take self portraits with this lens)


It’s late and I’m in a horrid horrid mood.

Oh Darling Hearts

Budget Day!

Oh wait, no, that’s right.
I don’t heart Budget Day, I hate it.
(I thought that first bit looked a bit funny.)

It was my first time working wherever-it-is-that-I-work in the huge sprawling amorphous blob of New Zealand’s government (including opposition and periphery.) on Budget Day and it was not fun. It was frantic and tense. I do not heart frantic and tense.

p.s. it was also my first time ever paying any attention to the Budget at all. Talk about one extreme to the other.
p.p.s. I am a political Switzerland. I have no opinion about politics at all. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

From the Archives

13 January 2008
San Francisco

Death. Street. Death.

We were headed to Coit Tower and I found excuses to stop and breathe take photos.

Top of Coit Tower

Coit Tower is in Pioneer Park, atop Telegraph hill. HILL.

American Plant. Ooo.

Bridge! Bridge! Bridge!
The Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz from Coit Tower

The views were pretty amazing.

Quarters Only

Kat sur la telephone

We were hanging around the entrance to the tower while Kat took a call.

Coit Tower


Coit Tower
This 210 foot monument was built in
with monies bequeathed by Lillie Hitchcock
Coit to beautify the city she loved.
Frescoes were painted in the interior
of the newly built structure by local
artists funded through the United States
Government’s public works of art
project. This plaque is placed by the
recreation and park commission.
==October 8, 1983==
to mark Coit Tower’s 50th Anniversary
its designation as an historic landmark.

and a hair cut

Co-Worker: Sarah-Rose, are you wearing contact lenses?
Me: Yes …
Co-Worker: ah! I thought something looked different.
Me: …. I think it might be the fringe. I’ve been wearing contacts for weeks but I only cut my hair on Friday.
Co-Worker: Oh yes. That might be it.

Bored on a Friday night = Super Cute Fringe!

Week Twenty-One

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Wind Farm: Makara
From the plane back into Wellington, we could see the windfarm at Makara

Monday: Reeses Pieces are hugely disappointing
Reeses Pieces!
Sadly nothing at all like Peanut Butter M&Ms. I’d never had them before.

Tuesday: Greek yoghurt, oats, runny honey. Amazing.
Greek yoghurt +rolled oats+ liquid honey = Delicious.
My new obsession. But this morning I discovered that it’s not really appropriate for breakfast.

Wednesday: Braeburn Apple
Braeburn Apple
Feeling undeniably uninspired I decide to stick with food photos for the rest of the week. I was at 3/5 already.

Thursday: Cupcake Sandwich!
How do you eat cupcakes?
(I don’t eat them like this. I tried it but … it’s not for me. I take off the bottom third, eat that, and then eat the rest together)

Friday: Inari Sushi
I bought Inari Sushi as an end-of-week treat.
And officially the end of my all-food-photos-all-the-time-mania.

Saturday: Tickets to Danny Bhoy (3rd Row!)
Our tickets to Danny Bhoy. We were in the third row and it was so close that I felt like I should (could?) have thanked him personally at the end of the show.


Bored on a Friday night = Super Cute Fringe!
Bored on a cold, wet Friday night + Gilmore Girls Season Six = a supercute fringe.

Week Twenty*

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Orangina AND Sauvignon Gris at La Cloche
Orangina and Sauvignon Gris at La Cloche.

Monday: Double Gloves
It was a little chilly. Actually, it was so chilly (and, being without a husband who can double as a handwarmer) that I smushed my angora gloves inside my leather ones.

Tuesday: Graffiti on a truck
Graffiti on a truck parked on Lambton Quay. Poor sad Haring-esque man.

Wednesday: Packing. Or trying to at least.
It took me far far too long to pack.

Thursday: Crazy Modern Bus
The bus I caught out to the airport was all crazy modern. And the smell of the pleather made me feel sick.

Friday: Auckland CBD at Sunset
Craig and I caught the ferry over to the Auckland CBD, walked all the way up Queen Street, went up the Skytower, saw Danny Bhoy on our way back down Queen Street and caught the ferry back at dusk. My feet HURT. But it was a lovely lovely day.
I took this while my sweet husband took pity on me & my blisters and went to get the car.

Saturday: K-Rd
Craig and I went vintage shopping on K-Road (using Amber’s Guide to Vintage Shopping in Auckland) and then to coffee with friends and yet? I was not in a good mood all all day**.


Sunday: Nouveau Lens & bokeh
I lovelovelovelovelove this lens.

* Week Twenty! I’m a little proud.
** Seriously. Look:
Not a good day
I’d say about 23.3 kilos under my eyes.

How I know Craig missed me

Last night, after turning off the lights and whispering wishes for sweet dreams, Craig curled his arm over my side & his head into the base of my neck and lay there, falling asleep.
This might not seem like a lot to most people, but Craig and I do not sleep entwined, arms and legs in a knot of a person.
No no, we can’t, we have radically different body temperatures.

During the day, Craig can wander around wearing jeans and a tee-shirt while I need a cardigan, and a jacket. And sometimes also a scarf. Bizarre.
He swears it’s because he was born in the desert (UAE) and as such? immune to the cold. I think he’s just a robot.
But as soon as the sun dips below the hills and we depart for bedfordshire* all of a sudden Craig requires a duvet during all seasons of the year, and sometimes a blanket as well, whereas I need the window open and sleep below just the sheet. With wet hair. Occasionally, on extremely frosty nights I will use the duvet but most of the time? Our bed ends up looking like this:

How do you sleep?
The great wall of half-a-duvet built between us.

If (IF) we do end up falling asleep touching, as soon as Craig is completely unconscious, he starts twitching.
I thought it might have just been when we were completely curled together but I experimented (hee) and even if I leave one arm lying over him, or a hand, ONLY THE AREA I AM TOUCHING BEGINS TO TWITCH.
Craig’s subconscious hates me**.
He often accuses me of stealing all the room in the bed. But actually? what happens is I scoot closer to him (I tend to get cold after a while, usually around 2am, what with the wet hair & open window & sheet & all) and he subconsciously scoots AWAY FROM ME. Hateful.

And on top of the heat differences, and the twitching, and the scooting? I can’t stand feeling anyone’s breath on me while I am trying to get to sleep. Not even my own***.

So last night, pretending like we could sleep in a knot? I knew that Sir C did miss me as much as I missed him.
We lay for minutes and pretended like we were falling asleep, pretended we were in the movies, but we can only be ourselves****, he gave up & I let him leave, his breath had been damn distracting. I snaked my feet over and rested them against his calf. The one thing we can manage. Our connection through the night.

* Yes. I am a whimsical character from 1950s Britain. Why do you ask?
** I’m sure it doesn’t really.
*** Good Lord we sound crazy. Is it just us? How do YOU sleep?
**** I wouldn’t have us any other way.