Week Eighteen

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Rain and rain and rain.
It rained and rained and rained and rained.
I spent the day in bed.

Monday: Craig & the arrival of the Express
Craig & i sat on the new bench at the train station & I took this as the Wairarapa Express streamed by.

Tuesday: Cenotaph & Beehive at night
Leaving work late, the sky much darker than usual, the Cenotaph all lit up and the lights are on at the Beehive behind.

Wednesday: Anzac Flowers
Half a week and a lot of rain later, the majority of the ANZAC flowers at the cenotaph remain.

Thursday: Swine Flu Precautions
Swine Flu makes me roll my eyes. All of a sudden there are “flu” warning posters in the elevators and multiple mini bottles of hand sanitiser in every bathroom.

Friday: Craig at my office
I was working late, again, Craig came by to wait in the warmth until I was done. I asked him to hold my rings while I moisturised my hands and he was amused that they fit this far onto his pinky finger when they are kind of loose on my ring finger.

Saturday: Monet Exhibition
I spent the afternoon with my mother, we had lunch at Wagamama’s and went to the Monet exhibition.
It was impressive but not as impressive as the Musée d’Orsay. Sigh. I miss Paris.


Pink Eyeshadow - 12 hours later
This horrifying picture is to indicate that I kept eyeshadow on for 13 hours!
My secret? mixing it with eyedrops before application, making a little paste on my hand and then applying it. Mainly under my eye because I was wearing glasses that day and my eyelid is less visible.


One comment

  1. *alyciamaree* · May 4, 2009

    Love love love the eye shadow…and the ring with the S…ax

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