Week Twenty*

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Orangina AND Sauvignon Gris at La Cloche
Orangina and Sauvignon Gris at La Cloche.

Monday: Double Gloves
It was a little chilly. Actually, it was so chilly (and, being without a husband who can double as a handwarmer) that I smushed my angora gloves inside my leather ones.

Tuesday: Graffiti on a truck
Graffiti on a truck parked on Lambton Quay. Poor sad Haring-esque man.

Wednesday: Packing. Or trying to at least.
It took me far far too long to pack.

Thursday: Crazy Modern Bus
The bus I caught out to the airport was all crazy modern. And the smell of the pleather made me feel sick.

Friday: Auckland CBD at Sunset
Craig and I caught the ferry over to the Auckland CBD, walked all the way up Queen Street, went up the Skytower, saw Danny Bhoy on our way back down Queen Street and caught the ferry back at dusk. My feet HURT. But it was a lovely lovely day.
I took this while my sweet husband took pity on me & my blisters and went to get the car.

Saturday: K-Rd
Craig and I went vintage shopping on K-Road (using Amber’s Guide to Vintage Shopping in Auckland) and then to coffee with friends and yet? I was not in a good mood all all day**.


Sunday: Nouveau Lens & bokeh
I lovelovelovelovelove this lens.

* Week Twenty! I’m a little proud.
** Seriously. Look:
Not a good day
I’d say about 23.3 kilos under my eyes.


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