Week Twenty-One

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Wind Farm: Makara
From the plane back into Wellington, we could see the windfarm at Makara

Monday: Reeses Pieces are hugely disappointing
Reeses Pieces!
Sadly nothing at all like Peanut Butter M&Ms. I’d never had them before.

Tuesday: Greek yoghurt, oats, runny honey. Amazing.
Greek yoghurt +rolled oats+ liquid honey = Delicious.
My new obsession. But this morning I discovered that it’s not really appropriate for breakfast.

Wednesday: Braeburn Apple
Braeburn Apple
Feeling undeniably uninspired I decide to stick with food photos for the rest of the week. I was at 3/5 already.

Thursday: Cupcake Sandwich!
How do you eat cupcakes?
(I don’t eat them like this. I tried it but … it’s not for me. I take off the bottom third, eat that, and then eat the rest together)

Friday: Inari Sushi
I bought Inari Sushi as an end-of-week treat.
And officially the end of my all-food-photos-all-the-time-mania.

Saturday: Tickets to Danny Bhoy (3rd Row!)
Our tickets to Danny Bhoy. We were in the third row and it was so close that I felt like I should (could?) have thanked him personally at the end of the show.


Bored on a Friday night = Super Cute Fringe!
Bored on a cold, wet Friday night + Gilmore Girls Season Six = a supercute fringe.


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