and a hair cut

Co-Worker: Sarah-Rose, are you wearing contact lenses?
Me: Yes …
Co-Worker: ah! I thought something looked different.
Me: …. I think it might be the fringe. I’ve been wearing contacts for weeks but I only cut my hair on Friday.
Co-Worker: Oh yes. That might be it.

Bored on a Friday night = Super Cute Fringe!



  1. tor (fabfrocks) · May 26, 2009

    It looks cute on you! Welcome to the fringe club! 🙂

  2. Kat · May 26, 2009

    Ha we have both given in to the fringe!

  3. Em · May 27, 2009

    HAHAH That convo is great.

  4. Sarah-Rose and Craig · May 27, 2009

    Tor – thank you! it’s taking some getting used to.Kat – Really?? it didn’t happen if there aren’t photographs. Hint Hint.Em – It was kind of surreal, but the coworker is awesome.

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