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Road Trip August 2008
Central North Island, New Zealand

Pretty little church


Making my own fun in the car




Week Twenty-Six

365 in 2009!

Sunday: the first time I ever tried french toast with bacon and maple syrup
The first time I ever had French Toast with Bacon and Maple Syrup. I can’t believe I ever doubted how amazing it tastes.

Monday: Tiny overpriced coffee and finall returned necklace
A teeny tiny overpriced coffee and the necklace that took tootoo long to be altered.
(chain shortened and split so it doesn’t run through the top of the horseshoe)

Tuesday: King and Queen of Spain
I went to watch the powhiri (maori greeting) for the King and Queen of Spain. Because really? how often do you see royalty?

Wednesday: my train hit a person!
It took 2 hours to get home on the train. Because it hit someone! they survived, thankfully, but the train & scene had to be inspected for a long long time before we could move on.
I yelled at a large man who was giving the train guard attitude whenever he updated us on the situation.

Thursday: GHD burns
I pinched my skin with my GHDs for a second and watched as the blisters came up. The burn didn’t hurt for about 14 hours.

Friday: Craig baked his first cake
I helped Craig bake his first cake.

Saturday: cold destroyed roses
I walked home from my hair appointment, and paused by the rose gardens.


Heidi Hair!

Ask and ye shall receive

I love twitter.
The following exchange took place at 6am New Zealand time

Heidi Hair encouragement

Heidi Hair!
I always worry that people who don’t know me will point and laugh.
Hence the hesitation. I shouldn’t have been so damned ridiculous.
Noone pointed and laughed. In fact? I received several compliments!

Heidi Hair!
This is the best shot of the new necklace (kenneth jay lane via that sparked the idea for the Heidi hair.

Heidi Hair!
Plus, I’d just seen an instructional video which gave me the secret to the Heidi braid*.

Heidi Hair!
(note: the rarely seen 0g ear hole)

My hairstyle pretty much made my day today.
Thank you Wendy Brandes!

* The secret? You start the plaits at right angles to your head, like pippi longstockings but then plait them upwards, against your head. I always thought you just made plaited pigtails then folded them upwards and then scowled at the mess they made.

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4 August 2008
Road Trip, North Island, New Zealand

Sir C & the speeding trees

It was just after terrible flooding.

Not supposed to be a lake

These were supposed to be fields, not lakes.

Supposed to be a field


closer than I appear

Week Twenty-Five

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Sickbed
I spent the day in bed attempting to ward off illness and watching Criminal Minds.

Monday: Sir C returns! with dirty laundry.
Craig returned from his long weekend racing cars. His dirty laundry safe in a bag.

Tuesday: Mexican Lasagne!
I made Mexican Lasagne* for dinner. My pathetic wrists are too weak to hold the pan while constructing the lasagne. Craig helps out at that point.

Wednesday: Supercute Shoes
I wore my new supercute shoes. They hurt. Because, despite the hidden platform, the heel is just a smidge taller than I can find comfortable. I will continue to wear them though! because look! they’re so damn cute.

Thursday: Beehive at night
Walking to the station at dusk.
These lights are at the entrance to the Beehive grounds.
(you can see it through the trees)

Friday: Dawn at the Train Station
It was so so cold on Friday that I bought a coffee from the cart at the station in order to have something to warm my hands on my walk to work. And the coffee is really good.

Saturday: Light at Uncle Chang's
Kitschy lights at the kitschy Uncle Chang’s restaurant in Wellington.
(Craig was on a nostalgia kick)


Cough cough cough
I’ve had a death cough all week.

* Mexican Lasagne
It’s essentially Chili Con Carne plus miscellaneous vegetables, in a casserole dish with Tortillas taking the place of the pasta in lasagne, each tortilla smeared in a little cream cheese (taking the place of béchamel sauce) and topped in grated cheese.
Then baked for a further 20 minutes. Deeeelicious.

Au Revoir America

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Leaving San Francisco
14 January 2008

From the hotel room
Early morning and a car passing by.

A very long wait at LAX
(is there any other kind of wait at LAX?)

There was a lot of time at the airport
I took a photo of my Starbucks cup because I was so thrilled that I had been able to help out a couple from the UK, letting them know that my UK debit card had worked there so theirs should too.
Caffeine for everyone!

Trying for Self Portraits 2008
Sneaking a self portrait.
I was attempting to take them for 365 in 2008. I didn’t get very far.
Also? my hair! so short!

In the air above LA.
I find this photo absolutely terrifying. Give me London’s victorian sprawl any day (please?).