Glasses glasses everywhere …

Sickness ...

Halfway through packing up our room, I looked over at the pile of sunglasses on my bookshelf and uh … I thought I had two or three pairs. But no.
More like ten.
I don’t really break sunglasses. Or maybe I do, but I have so many pairs to begin with that I don’t notice.
No, that’s unlikely. I would notice.

That being said … my collection begins with a broken pair

Completely sane
I broke my sunglasses travelling through Thailand.
I coped for maybe two days? Until we reached the seaside town of Krabi and the sun and the sand and the glare? I lasted 2 minutes outside before I declared that we had to stop at the very first stall we came to in order to buy me a freaking pair of glasses.

Super faux Dior from Krabi
So yes. Very fake Christian Dior sunglasses from Thailand.
May 2007

Purple Dior
Travelling to New Zealand while earning ££? I bought my first pair of fancy sunglasses.

I don't really like them anymore. Sigh.
December 2007

Rip offs of rip offs
In a store in New Zealand I found Ray-Ban style sunglasses with swallows instead of the little diamonds. Just like the Kate Moss for Topshop pair.
Double faux.
January 2008

Chanel Inspired circle glasses
Chanel inspired sunglasses by the ever fabulous Primark.
(a better shot here.)
April 2008

Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney sunglasses – found 75% off at TK Maxx in London.
September 2008

Circular Witchery - Christmas 2008
Beautiful Witchery sunglasses from my in-laws, Christmas 2008.

Silver Eyebrows
My Silver Monobrow pair just amuse me.
Martinborough Fair 2009

Faux Bans
I finally gave in and bought a pair of Faux-Bans.
March 2009

They reminded me of Karen Walker
This pair remind me of Super Duper by Karen Walker. Only $300 less.
May 2009

Pink fauxbans
My “vintage” pink Faux Bans, from Auckland.

They're "vintage".
May 2009

I have banned myself from buying any more sunglasses.
I need to break a couple of pairs first.

P.s. Not a single pair have my prescription in them. Which means they are useless unless I’m wearing my contacts. Oy. I might have to buy a pair of those.
P.p.s. I also seem to suit most styles of sunglasses. This frustrates my baby sister. I even had aviators at one stage.



  1. Amber · June 8, 2009

    I have the swallow ones too – much love for them! And of course, my fondness for faux-bans is well known. Great collection, it's funny how they sneak up on you and become, well, a collection!

  2. Anonymous · June 8, 2009

    Is that white pair Le Specs?

  3. Sarah-Rose and Craig · June 8, 2009

    Amber – I found mine at Dotti of all places! I think Craig is a bad influence. He has many pairs of sunglasses and many watches. Only recently have I amassed a collection.Anonymous – yes! Le Specs. I've never heard of the brand but they were $20 at a local department store and I lovelovelove the style.

  4. Mia · June 9, 2009

    I thought I recognised them! I have them in black lol. Le specs have some cool styles.

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