From the Archives

San Fransisco
January 2008

American Entry form

Pyramid Building


Kat, the Uber Tourist
Portrait of the Kat as an über-tourist*.

J-j-juicy couture

Diner Sign

Craig & Pizza the size of his headKat, pizza, snapple

We celebrated our last night in San Francisco all together with pizza by the slice and one last stop at Walgreens.


* Don’t worry – it was essentially a staged photo. Or rather, a series of unfortunate coincidences (being cold, my caffeine addiction, a long day) which lead to this sad sad predicament.



  1. Kat · June 9, 2009

    I remember exactly where all of these photos were taken. 🙂

  2. LoserSaysTim · June 10, 2009

    She needs a cap that either says "I ❤ SF" or "I escaped from Alcatraz". And she needs to be fatter and balding.

  3. Sarah-Rose and Craig · June 14, 2009

    Kat: I remember all save for the "bohemian cigar store" which I'm guessing was in Haight Ashbury.Tim: I thought the San Francisco sweater was enough. We were there in winter too so the cap would have been superfluous. On the fatter and balding front? she is neither German nor a man. So I think it's unnecessary.

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