Week Twenty-Four

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Craig and the Kitty Cat
Craig has been gone too too long. Last Sunday he attacked the cat with cuddles. The cat was nonplussed.

Monday: Coffee & Pecan cupcake from Tempt. Not good.
Wellington needs more cupcake stores. This pecan-and-coffee cupcake from Tempt was most disappointing.

Tuesday: Moleskine Planner
Sometimes I plan outfits in advance (nerd!) and sometimes I mark them down if I feel great while wearing them.
This was the latter.

Wednesday: Wellington Station
Wellington Station.

Thursday: Chanel Lipstick
Shanghai red lipstick by Chanel
Also? note the absurdly small lipstick mark.

Friday: Empty House = Twirling
Empty House = Twirling.

Saturday: White Flower, Flame Tree, Sickbed
White flowers and flame orange leaves. I spent the day in bed staving off a cold.


Tattoo Planning
Wednesday Night
A little bubble of excitement.
Craig & I had just made the decisions about when to go to Auckland for my tattoo appointment.



  1. Kat · June 14, 2009

    This week is great. You are super cute in the portrait. It looks like it must be pretty cold.

  2. Sarah-Rose and Craig · June 14, 2009

    Kat – thank you my sweet! the week was very up and down, ending on down (I still feel sick. But I don't think it's the swine flu!) and it hasn't actually been all that cold, I just really like my hat. And the scarf (it's still my 21st birthday one from Chris and Rajeev!) is mainly precautionary.

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