Week Twenty-Five

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Sickbed
I spent the day in bed attempting to ward off illness and watching Criminal Minds.

Monday: Sir C returns! with dirty laundry.
Craig returned from his long weekend racing cars. His dirty laundry safe in a bag.

Tuesday: Mexican Lasagne!
I made Mexican Lasagne* for dinner. My pathetic wrists are too weak to hold the pan while constructing the lasagne. Craig helps out at that point.

Wednesday: Supercute Shoes
I wore my new supercute shoes. They hurt. Because, despite the hidden platform, the heel is just a smidge taller than I can find comfortable. I will continue to wear them though! because look! they’re so damn cute.

Thursday: Beehive at night
Walking to the station at dusk.
These lights are at the entrance to the Beehive grounds.
(you can see it through the trees)

Friday: Dawn at the Train Station
It was so so cold on Friday that I bought a coffee from the cart at the station in order to have something to warm my hands on my walk to work. And the coffee is really good.

Saturday: Light at Uncle Chang's
Kitschy lights at the kitschy Uncle Chang’s restaurant in Wellington.
(Craig was on a nostalgia kick)


Cough cough cough
I’ve had a death cough all week.

* Mexican Lasagne
It’s essentially Chili Con Carne plus miscellaneous vegetables, in a casserole dish with Tortillas taking the place of the pasta in lasagne, each tortilla smeared in a little cream cheese (taking the place of béchamel sauce) and topped in grated cheese.
Then baked for a further 20 minutes. Deeeelicious.



  1. Kat · June 21, 2009

    You even look cute sick, Mrs Burke. And the boots are SUPER cute.

  2. Sarah-Rose and Craig · June 22, 2009

    Hee. I'm coming out of the end of the illness and my hands are covering my terrible skin!But yes, the boots are tootoo cute.

  3. LoserSaysTim · June 23, 2009

    25 weeks! That's…that's nearly half a year!Brava, I say. Brava.

  4. Sarah-Rose and Craig · June 23, 2009

    Thank you! (That's a terrifying thought) Last year I managed to keep taking photos daily until about September – I just didn't manage the weekly posts.

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