Ask and ye shall receive

I love twitter.
The following exchange took place at 6am New Zealand time

Heidi Hair encouragement

Heidi Hair!
I always worry that people who don’t know me will point and laugh.
Hence the hesitation. I shouldn’t have been so damned ridiculous.
Noone pointed and laughed. In fact? I received several compliments!

Heidi Hair!
This is the best shot of the new necklace (kenneth jay lane via that sparked the idea for the Heidi hair.

Heidi Hair!
Plus, I’d just seen an instructional video which gave me the secret to the Heidi braid*.

Heidi Hair!
(note: the rarely seen 0g ear hole)

My hairstyle pretty much made my day today.
Thank you Wendy Brandes!

* The secret? You start the plaits at right angles to your head, like pippi longstockings but then plait them upwards, against your head. I always thought you just made plaited pigtails then folded them upwards and then scowled at the mess they made.



  1. Jules · June 24, 2009

    Definitely a good look!

  2. WendyB · June 25, 2009

    Cuteness! I was right again ;-)Seriously, though, someone once told me "Just own it!" about a look I had doubts about…and that's gotten me to experiment with a lot of good looks!

  3. Holly · June 25, 2009

    That hairstyle is indeed very cute! I wish my hair was short enough to try and pull this off! 🙂

  4. Charlie · June 26, 2009

    Hello – just recently found you – and what a cute photo I was greeted with, the plaits are darling, always wanted to try these, but like you had misconceptions about how they were done, might try them out myself

  5. Sarah-Rose and Craig · June 27, 2009

    @ Jules – Thank you!@ WendyB I think your blog motto is so true. And people always seem to say confidence is the most attractive attribute in a person, you know, overall. @ Holly I don't know exactly how long your hair is but the video I watched said that people with long hair should just start the plaits lower or wrap them around more – mine barely meet in the middle.@ Charlie thank you! and definitely give them a go. Try and find the video on youtube … I can't remember who it was by I'm sorry!

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