An email I may or may not have sent Craig

Osaka Aquarium! World’s largest aquarium tank! Whale shark! Too excited for full sentences!!


From the Archives

Desert Road, New Zealand
August 2008

It was very cold



Mount Ruapehu

Week Thirty

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Cool Britannia Revels
The sun was out so I went for a walk. I went to an art gallery & stopped by Cool Britannia where I overpaid for a can of Cherry Coke and a packet of Revels (I can’t help it – I was craving them).

Monday: Dreaming of International Travel
Dreaming of International Travel. Little did I know that we would have tickets within the week.

Tuesday: 5:12 to Upper Hutt
In plenty of time for the 5:12 train.

Wednesday: Salmon Dusk as I leave Work!
It is markedly lighter in the evenings now. Leaving work is walking into the sunset.
Very country and western.

Thursday: Craig waiting for me at the Station
Craig at the Station. Ready and waiting to fall into step beside me.

Friday: So cold I needed a Coffee
Chilly as I waited for Craig (yet another photo from Wellington Station) so I grabbed a coffee from the good coffee cart.

Saturday: Cupcakes and Japan Guidebooks
Cupcakes and a guidebook to Japan. Add Mexican Food and this could sum up my entire Saturday.
It was lovely.


Letting down my hair after a long day

All within a week …


I’m not entirely sure how it happened.
Somehow, within the last week, we went from a couple with no travel plans to speak of, save for a weekend in Auckland, to a couple going to Japan.
We leave Wellington on the 6th November, spend the night in Auckland, and arrive in Osaka on the 7th November. We leave again on the 14th November, arriving back into Wellington on the 15th.

These are the moments I remember:
x On Monday, speaking to a co-worker about how I really really wanted to travel internationally this year, getting all fired up about it and sending an email to Craig.
x Receiving an email from Craig where he said that he could take 5 days leave before Christmas this year. And where did I want to go? I suggested Cambodia, perhaps Mexico? Canada? Tahiti? Craig suggested New York and Japan.
x Sitting on the train, next to Craig, discussing destinations. He had stopped in at a travel shop to pick up brochures. And had found out that there was a special on flights to Japan.
x Emailing the people I know who know Japan to get tips. I liked the abstract idea of going to Japan but I hadn’t thought much about the details. They all suggested Osaka over Tokyo.
x Discussing possible dates with Craig. Deciding to leave it to fate: if the deal covered the times we wanted? then Craig would book tickets.
x Sending Craig a message at midday on Thursday asking if he was going to flight center – “yip”
x Twenty minutes later getting a message asking how much money is in our everyday account.
x Twenty minutes after that getting a message saying “done”
x All of a sudden we have tickets to Japan!

And then, that night, Craig looked at me and said “but I don’t like Japanese food!”.

Oh dear.

Meadowlark, Fuck Yeah!

It looks like I'm whistling!
(it looks like I’m whistling! In real life? I can’t whistle at all)

I’ve written about my love for Meadowlark before.
And last week? I ordered my birthday present. I couldn’t help it!

Knuckleduster Love

I’d fallen hard for their sterling silver studded knuckle duster two-finger ring.
And if I ordered before the 20th June then I could choose a pair of stud earrings as well (yes I ordered the matching pyramid stud earrings. Because I’m just that lame. And adorable) so of course I had to go for that.

Ahhhhh. I love it

It arrived and it was soso close to perfect. It was ever so slightly too loose on my tiny ring finger.
Through the wonderful world of twitter, @meadowlarknz contacted me to see just how far from perfect it really was & offered to alter it! I sent it back to Auckland the very next day and they altered it and sent it back on its way to me the very same day they received it. Astounding service.
And also? the new size was just perfect. Adoration abounds.

Adoration Abounds

Now I just have to wait 78 days until I can wear it again …

Also known as a Two Finger Ring

Perhaps I didn’t think this through.

Week Twenty-Nine

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Red Velvet Cake
Ahh. I was obsessed with making the Red Velvet Cakes on Sunday.

Monday: Red Velvet Cake
I took one of the Red Velvet Cakes to work. This was all that remained at the end of the day.

Tuesday: Wellington in the Rain
It rained. A lot.
It ruins my hair but it makes lovely photos.

Wednesday: Anniversary Flowers
Craig surprised me, completely, with a bunch of flowers celebrating our 9 year dating anniversary.

Thursday: Meadowlark Packaging
My Meadowlark ring and earrings arrived, in their pretty pretty new packaging.

Friday: ED, the Explicit Version
The lampposts between work and the train station are gradually being covered in admission stickers from Parliament.

Saturday: Cousins at Football
I went to watch Craig’s football game. Our cousins came to watch as well.


Sequin Beret = LOVE
Sequin Beret!