Meadowlark, Fuck Yeah!

It looks like I'm whistling!
(it looks like I’m whistling! In real life? I can’t whistle at all)

I’ve written about my love for Meadowlark before.
And last week? I ordered my birthday present. I couldn’t help it!

Knuckleduster Love

I’d fallen hard for their sterling silver studded knuckle duster two-finger ring.
And if I ordered before the 20th June then I could choose a pair of stud earrings as well (yes I ordered the matching pyramid stud earrings. Because I’m just that lame. And adorable) so of course I had to go for that.

Ahhhhh. I love it

It arrived and it was soso close to perfect. It was ever so slightly too loose on my tiny ring finger.
Through the wonderful world of twitter, @meadowlarknz contacted me to see just how far from perfect it really was & offered to alter it! I sent it back to Auckland the very next day and they altered it and sent it back on its way to me the very same day they received it. Astounding service.
And also? the new size was just perfect. Adoration abounds.

Adoration Abounds

Now I just have to wait 78 days until I can wear it again …

Also known as a Two Finger Ring

Perhaps I didn’t think this through.



  1. Ms Constantine · July 22, 2009

    O that is adorable! All their stuff seems to be.You're not really going to wait till your birthday to wear it again are you? :[ No of course not, that would be silly!

  2. Sarah-Rose · July 23, 2009

    Hee. I will try and make it! I do enjoy anticipation (if I know what I'm anticipating!).

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