All within a week …


I’m not entirely sure how it happened.
Somehow, within the last week, we went from a couple with no travel plans to speak of, save for a weekend in Auckland, to a couple going to Japan.
We leave Wellington on the 6th November, spend the night in Auckland, and arrive in Osaka on the 7th November. We leave again on the 14th November, arriving back into Wellington on the 15th.

These are the moments I remember:
x On Monday, speaking to a co-worker about how I really really wanted to travel internationally this year, getting all fired up about it and sending an email to Craig.
x Receiving an email from Craig where he said that he could take 5 days leave before Christmas this year. And where did I want to go? I suggested Cambodia, perhaps Mexico? Canada? Tahiti? Craig suggested New York and Japan.
x Sitting on the train, next to Craig, discussing destinations. He had stopped in at a travel shop to pick up brochures. And had found out that there was a special on flights to Japan.
x Emailing the people I know who know Japan to get tips. I liked the abstract idea of going to Japan but I hadn’t thought much about the details. They all suggested Osaka over Tokyo.
x Discussing possible dates with Craig. Deciding to leave it to fate: if the deal covered the times we wanted? then Craig would book tickets.
x Sending Craig a message at midday on Thursday asking if he was going to flight center – “yip”
x Twenty minutes later getting a message asking how much money is in our everyday account.
x Twenty minutes after that getting a message saying “done”
x All of a sudden we have tickets to Japan!

And then, that night, Craig looked at me and said “but I don’t like Japanese food!”.

Oh dear.



  1. Ms Constantine · July 25, 2009

    Exciting! It's amazing how things like that can happen, and it's SO great when someone else organises it! 😀

  2. Sara · July 26, 2009

    Haha, tell Craig not all food here is about raw fish – there's also yakiniku (Korean bbq), okonomiyaki (kind of like an omelette), noodles of different kinds, tempura… heaps of yummy stuff! But raw fish is actually pretty good too 🙂 xx

  3. Sarah-Rose · July 27, 2009

    @ Ms Constantine – It really is! I was so surprised too because Craig is even more indecisive than I am!@ Sara – I did take him out to a japanese … uhh … stall? Anyway I ordered chicken Katsu and chicken Donburi and he enjoyed both very much. Phew.

  4. LoserSaysTim · July 28, 2009

    For the record, I actually suggested Tokyo :PBut we're very happy to have you in Osaka, and I'm sure you'll lovelovelove it 😉

  5. Sarah-Rose · August 3, 2009

    @Tim yesyesyesyes you did suggest Tokyo. But also Osaka because we wanted to travel around a bit and would spend the entire time in Tokyo if we went there for 6 days!

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