Week Thirty

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Cool Britannia Revels
The sun was out so I went for a walk. I went to an art gallery & stopped by Cool Britannia where I overpaid for a can of Cherry Coke and a packet of Revels (I can’t help it – I was craving them).

Monday: Dreaming of International Travel
Dreaming of International Travel. Little did I know that we would have tickets within the week.

Tuesday: 5:12 to Upper Hutt
In plenty of time for the 5:12 train.

Wednesday: Salmon Dusk as I leave Work!
It is markedly lighter in the evenings now. Leaving work is walking into the sunset.
Very country and western.

Thursday: Craig waiting for me at the Station
Craig at the Station. Ready and waiting to fall into step beside me.

Friday: So cold I needed a Coffee
Chilly as I waited for Craig (yet another photo from Wellington Station) so I grabbed a coffee from the good coffee cart.

Saturday: Cupcakes and Japan Guidebooks
Cupcakes and a guidebook to Japan. Add Mexican Food and this could sum up my entire Saturday.
It was lovely.


Letting down my hair after a long day


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