Week Thirty-One

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Craig is absorbed in the Matrix Trilogy
Craig spent most of the day watching the Matrix Trilogy* and I lay next to him, reading.

Monday: Queenie by Sweet William
Wearing my new Sweet William Queenie brooch on my trench coat, I realise that I now have 2 different coats adorned with 2 very different representations of HRH QE2.

Tuesday: Guidebook and a Coffee
I’ve been spending my lunch breaks with my nose in a guidebook, highlighter or coffee in my free hand.
Surprisingly I have only drawn on myself once so far.

Wednesday: a strange colour scheme for me
Silver, pale pink, white, pale grey, lavender, bone, a strange colour palette for me to be wearing.

Thursday: Sebastian aka I almost forgot to take a photo
I almost forgot to take a photo.
This is Sebastian. He hangs out over our bed.

Friday: On the 7:05 train.
On the 7:05 train after two glasses of wine on an empty stomach.
Best idea ever.

Saturday: New Moon
I spent a lot of the day ignoring the screeching of my inner book snob as I devoured Twilight**.


Bored at the Football

* Yes. Really.
** Yes. Really. I’m embarrassed. I just wanted to actually know what I was talking about when I scorned Twilight. By the end of book one I was curious enough to read about vampire sex and vampire babies to pick up book two but by page 422 of book 2 I was kind of hooked. And by kind of I mean a lot.
The movie is still one of the worst things I have ever seen and I highly doubt I will see any of the other movies (ugh) but the book has the same kind of badly written but gripping (ridiculous) storyline that led me to read the Da Vinci Code.



  1. Ms Constantine · August 2, 2009

    I think you may have just convinced me to give the Twilight books a try. I thought the movie was ridiculous, but a lot of that may have been the effects and acting. And I loved the Da Vinchi Code, I've read it a couple of times.If I can get the books from the library then I'll read them.

  2. Sarah-Rose · August 2, 2009

    Definitely try them. And read more than just the first one. Book 1 took me a fortnight to get through but then book 2 and 3 … well. I started book 2 on Saturday afternoon and I have maybe 200 pages left to go on book 3 as of Monday morning!

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