Week Thirty-Two

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Washing my Leathers
I spent a good portion of Sunday washing my leather jackets. I needed them to shrink down by at least a size. It seems to have worked!

Monday: Sticker Graffiti near Farmers
Sticker graffiti spotted on my lunch break.

Tuesday: Drivng home from work
Parliament House as seen from the staff car park.
(Craig was picking up his nouveau velo & didn’t want to take it on the train)

Wednesday: Peaches Pie!
I spent some quality time with Peaches Pie.
(adorable little giant kitten paw)

Thursday: Photos as tattoo colour inspiration
I printed off some photos to use as colour references for my tattoo artist. Laser printers just can’t get the truly saturated colour of a photograph.

Friday: A Moment in Time
A Moment in Time.
I was shooting my iPhone for the second half of 12:34 and one of my photos caught it exactly:
12:34:56 7/8/9

Saturday: Plans fell through
Plan A (Coraline 3D & Mexican food out in the big wide world) fell through but Plan B (Yes Man & Malaysian Food curled up in bed) was a pretty good substitute.


Gigantic Hair Bow
Curly hair and a big big bow. Completely adorable.


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