Week Thirty-Three

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Gollum at the Weta Cave
A group of friends, Craig, and I went to Yum Char then on to the Weta Cave.
The Weta Cave was severely disappointing. But I did like the anxious Gollum.

Monday: UK Sweets, Hurrah!
I found a place that stocks Wispa bars! It made me far too happy.

Tuesday: Last frost of the Year?
The last frost of the year? Fingerscrossed!
(Before I knew how to deal with an amputation)

Wednesday: Walking to the Station at Dawn
I walked to the train station at dawn.
Terrified of coming across a car accident. In case I had to deal with an amputation.

Thursday: Pocket full of Posies by Baby Jayne
My baby sister’s Wearable Arts outfit won an award at her school’s fashion evening.

Friday: 2nd Hand Books
$1! how could I not?

Saturday: Dom's Diamond Jubilee Mass Celebration
My first-cousin-twice-removed, Sister Domenica, celebrated the 60th anniversary of becoming a Sister of the Society of Mary. She received a blessing from his pope-y-ness himself!





  1. Kat · August 22, 2009

    Love the self-portrait this week, and what's all this about amputation?

  2. alexbettylou · August 25, 2009

    WHERE can I get Wispas? Tell me!!! 🙂

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