Week Thirty-Four

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Reading in Bed
A beautiful way to spend a day: curled up in bed with my darling cat and a book about a serial killer*.

Monday: Spinner Necklace from Allumer at Kabiri
My Wink spinner necklace by Allumer arrived from Kabiri and I fashioned it into a bracelet so I could wear it immediately.
Also? hands look very strange when you cut any indication of fingers or thumb out of the picture.

Tuesday: Pad Thai pre Premiere
Dinner at Oaks before the premiere of my baby sister’s high school movie.

Wednesday: Crystal Skull. Activated by Amar Himself!
I have come into possession of my very own (dun dun dunnn) Crystal Skull (aaaaaah) which has been activated by Amar himself (ooo) but really? the best part is the emails I now get from CrystalSkulls.Com**.

Thursday: Discovery
Teetering about for hours and THEN I realise I have a huge run in my stockings.

Friday: My baby sister is now a Lady
I picked up part of my baby sister’s birthday present and I see that the photo I had framed has been deemed that of a Lady.

Saturday: Cheeseburger Cupcakes!
But she’s not so grown up that I can’t make Cheeseburger Cupcakes for her on her birthday.



* The Boston Strangler. Not my favourite kind of serial killer but still.
** For example, did you know that to mark the significance of 09.09.09 …. there will be an historic gathering of significant crystal skulls and their guardians – this is probably the largest gathering of known ancient crystal skulls in our time.
Presenters and crystal skulls include:
1. The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (aka The Skull of Love)
2. Sha Na Ra
3. Synergy
Like in Jem! Except I don’t think Synergy was a Crystal Skull in Jem. But you never know, she MIGHT have been.
4. Rainbow
5. Nagak’u
6. Rosie
7. Maya
8..Bob (The Skull of Wishes)
Bob! I think he is my favourite
9. Mystery Crystal Skull : rarely seen in public

I think my crystal skull needs a name. Suggestions?


One comment

  1. Kat · August 23, 2009

    Synergy was the computer in Jem that changed Jerrica into Jem. Hee.

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