Weekend Break

Wednesday: Packing

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow Sir C and I ride off into the sunset. Uh that is, for the weekend. Ish. To Auckland. And I finished packing in just under 15 minutes. I am just a little worried BUT! my plan is sound:

The trick to packing a carry on bag (as forced upon me by my former flatmate who went carry-on only for a fortnight in Italy) is either to plan a trip down to the last second (sigh) or (OR!) to take items which can be twirled around and mixed and matched to suit almost any event. Which is much more fun.

I am taking:
1x blazer
1x skirt
1x dress (which can be packed packed down)
1x pair of jeans
1x cardigan
1x magenta waist belt (to cinch the cardigan or add to the dress
1x black cami top (with the jeans and cardigan or skirt)
1x tee-shirt (to wear with the jeans & blazer or the skirt)
1x 3/4 sleeve tee-shirt (again again again with all)
1x formal ish faux brogue flats
1x heels

And just from that I can imagine outfits for: the day of work pre-travel, coffee & aquarium, tattoo appointment, drinks, dinner, movies, museum, dancing, a show, in fact almost anything save for black tie. And even then, with the right accessories …

But of course (of COURSE) I have no idea what we are going to be doing in Auckland (save for the tattoo appointment) so my carefully crafted long-weekend wardrobe might fall down around my ears.
And then, I’ll be glad of the extra space to shop!



  1. Ms Constantine · August 26, 2009

    The other trick is to wear the bulkiest items on the plane. Jeans and jackets etc.And to also keep in mind that Auckland is not the end of the world and that if anything comes up you'll be able to get what you need there.Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing the new tattoo.

  2. Anonymous · August 28, 2009

    hi, did you know twitter is not showing up[ on this site now. Mum

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