Craig almost fell over

Late Sunday night

Me: I think I want to start running.
Craig: What? you mean like you want to get a treadmill?
Me: No. I think outside in the big wide world.
Craig: … uh ok?
Me: I think I might like it! I really like the jogging on Wii Fit* and yea. I think I might like jogging outside too.
Craig: … maybe. Are you serious?
Me: Yea! but I think I need to start with a sports bra. And some running shoes.
Craig: Baby, any time you want to go shopping for sports shoes, I am there!

So yes. Maybe? I might start running. It depends how expensive the gear is. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s spending money on an activity I’m not sure that I will enjoy.
But you know, maybe a new years resolution or something.

* Don’t mock. I’ve lost 13kg doing Wii Fit this year.


From the Archives

Uss Missouri, Hawaii
August 2008

Poor Soviet Union
Poor Soviet Union.

USS Missouri hit by a Japanese Zero
On April 11, 1945 the USS Missouri was hit by a Japanese Zero.

The side of the ship showing damage
The damage is still visible.

Truman Line. Because Pres. Truman once at there. Sigh.
Their mess is called the Truman Line. Because President Truman once ate there.
I found that disappointingly obvious.

Where Japan Surrendered
A plaque noting the spot over which Japan formally surrendered, thereby ending WWII.
Of course the ship was in Tokyo Bay then.

Eagle! looking over the spot where Japan surrendered.
Now, watched over by eagles.

Chez Mes Cousins

My darling cousins have absconded for a week and left Craig and I alone in their darling little house.

They get the benefit of a house protected and a bunny rabbit fed while Craig and I get to prepare for the time when we are living by ourselves again. Just, you know, making sure we still like each other without the buffer of Other People*.

Yesterday afternoon, while Craig was outside chopping firewood (more because he could than because he really needed to) I sat in the lounge ostensibly learning my lines when I noticed that the late afternoon sun was edging in to golden hour.
And it is such a shame to let lovely light go to waste.

One is an amazing painter

Claw foot Tub!



Another painting

(the fruits of Craig’s labour)

* We do.

Week Thirty-Nine

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Mini Melting Moments on a Sunny Afternoon
Mini Melting Moments on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Monday: Poor Shoes. Cheap but beloved.
My talltall shoes broke. I am still upset and I will take them to a cobbler next week. They were very cheap but super comfortable and most importantly? beloved.

Tuesday: Newspapers feat Kusama
The work of Yayoi Kusama on the front page of the Dominion Post.

Wednesday: More beautiful clothes that I didn't purchase.
More clothes I loved but did not buy.

Thursday: Rocket man spotted while rushing about.
I was dashing about the city when I spotted this little Rocket Man sticker. Well played, Wellington graffiti.

Friday: Work Drinks. Oy.
A busybusy day plus after-work-drinks with colleagues, minus dinner, equals one terrible photo of the railway station bathroom, taken at 11.18pm. Oy.
But still, it was worth it.

Saturday: House Sitting
A surprisingly home-y day. We drove around the city purchasing a cabinet and drawers then moved into my cousins house for a week of house sitting. They have a wood-fire so after a dinner of Mexican food we came home specifically so we could curl up in front of the fire. It was lovely.


Still wearing glasses

Week Thirty-Eight

365 in 2009!

Sunday: I made brownies for Saturday lunch. They didn't last 6 hours.
Just before Midnight on Saturday I started making brownies for lunch on Sunday afternoon. The brownies were delicious and didn’t last even 6 hours. One day, perhaps, I will remember to post the recipe.

Monday: Cupcake! for helping a coworker
A co-worker gave me a cupcake as a thank you for helping him on Friday.
It was delicious and worth the proof-reading and re-wording.

Tuesday: the Poppies are dying
The beautiful poppies are dying.

Wednesday: Impromptu Box-Brownie Photoshoot
I loved the light when I took the photo of my goat horns so I shot my nouveau Box Brownie as well.

Thursday: Golden flowers at Golden Hour
Kowhai, a golden flower at golden hour. A dark smear behind is our car.

Friday: Somes Island from the train
Matiu/Somes Island seen from the train on the way home.

Saturday: Jayne is going to the ball.
Jayne finished her ball dress (she made it!) & I played photographer.


Saturday: Alexander Wang hair
Like so many others, I wore my hair in a loose side plait. Inspired by Alexander Wang SS10.
I really don’t like this self-portrait but I left it until Saturday and I really had little choice.

It’s like they don’t know me at all …

I have had this conversation three or four times in the last half hour:

S: Oo! My Goat Antlers* have arrived!
Other: Wha?
S: My Goat Antlers.
Other: Huh?
S: my Goat Antlers with Cranium attached!
Other: Where did you get them?
S: Trademe**
Other: Are they … Do they … smell?
S: No. (sniffs antlers) No. I think that was the packaging.
Other: Why? What for? Ugh? Weird?
S: To mount. On the wall. Goat Antlers. With Cranium attached!

Goat Antlers!

Goat Antlers with Cranium attached!

* Uh yea. Goats have Horns. But they were advertised and sold as “antlers” so it stuck.
** NZ eBay

Dearest, Oh Darling, The Internet

I don’t know how and I don’t know why* but I’m involved in yet another to-do, hullabaloo, revue, production with the Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe. And our rehearsals are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sundays (oh my).

Forgive me, dear Internet, for it seems that in order to keep my head above the metaphorical waters, to distract myself from the reality that I don’t live in London, that I haven’t for a year, & shan’t for oh lord, maybe another year, in order to survive in suburbia, I have heaped the plate of my life right to the edges.
I have rehearsal 2-3 days a week, exercise as often as humanly possible, a yen to trip away up the coast, a week of house sitting, a 7:30-5 job (Dolly Who?), friends, a husband, photography projects, tv-obsessions, a trip to Japan to plan, a storage unit to unpack, a house to furnish on a severe budget**, a pile of books-to-read as tall as my knees, tattoos to plan*** and and and and and and and!

Please ignore that keening sound. It will pass soon.

My cup (plate! damn mixed metaphors) overfloweth. But! I hope (I HOPE) that productivity breeds productivity and that this darling site doesn’t fall by the wayside.



* that’s a lie. I do it because I love it. It’s like crack to me.
** Craig-o-potamus and I are moving. In November. Details to follow when they become interesting.
*** Kidding Mum!