Craig almost fell over

Late Sunday night

Me: I think I want to start running.
Craig: What? you mean like you want to get a treadmill?
Me: No. I think outside in the big wide world.
Craig: … uh ok?
Me: I think I might like it! I really like the jogging on Wii Fit* and yea. I think I might like jogging outside too.
Craig: … maybe. Are you serious?
Me: Yea! but I think I need to start with a sports bra. And some running shoes.
Craig: Baby, any time you want to go shopping for sports shoes, I am there!

So yes. Maybe? I might start running. It depends how expensive the gear is. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s spending money on an activity I’m not sure that I will enjoy.
But you know, maybe a new years resolution or something.

* Don’t mock. I’ve lost 13kg doing Wii Fit this year.



  1. TaraChameleon · September 30, 2009

    eep. long time reader, long time lurker. thought i would say totally go for it! heh. *goes back to lurking*

  2. TaraChameleon · September 30, 2009

    and so jealous that you own a wii fit. i really want to buy one just for that! but resisting!

  3. Kat · October 2, 2009

    Awesome! I'm still waiting to get my Wii Fit. And 13kg!!!! holy crap! that's two stone 🙂 🙂

  4. Kat · October 2, 2009

    And um, btw, I can't get this cute image of you jogging out of my head. Wee Sarah jogging! tee hee.

  5. Sarah-Rose · October 4, 2009

    TaraChameleon – Hi! I love lurkers! also, thanks, I think I will start jogging. Sometime. Soon. Maybe.Kat – ya, I think 13kg is pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Also, shush! I will be totally impressive jogging. Or not!

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