Week Forty-Four

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Picnic in the park
I walked walked walked in the sun and had a picnic in the park. It was lovely.

Monday: Labour Day Sale!
Labour Day, a holiday, I went out walking again (the sun was shining) and this time ended up at the Labour Day sales and coming away with … a lot of underwear. And these old school seamed stockings.

Tuesday: Late at work
After a public holiday there is always so much extra work to do. And as such, I stayed late at work.

Wednesday: Size 10 OMG
I’ve been tracking my jean size in the same store all year. In January I didn’t buy any because the size 14 was too small. And now? I just bought a size 10!
I think the last time I wore a size 10 was while Craig lived in Auckland. Meaning I would have been around 18/19.
(these are NZ sizes by the way)

Thursday: Cannibalistic Pigeons
Creeped out by the Pigeons at the train station snacking on old roast chicken.

Friday: Bag for Japan, Comparison
I bought a bag to pack for Japan. We’re not going for that long and I want to pack as little as possible.
Then I got it home and realised it’s only twice the size of my every day handbag. I may have over estimated my packing-light abilities.

Saturday: The painters killed the plant!
The plant that I am looking after for my baby sister has been looking decidedly dodgy ever since the painters came into our house. If it dies, I’m blaming them.


Sir C & Me

There will not be a weekly post next Sunday. And possibly not the Sunday after that.
On Friday Sir C and I are winging our way to Japan (JAPAN!) and while I think we do get back in to Wellington on a Sunday, it’s highly likely we will feel like death and I will have 7000 photos to sort.
But! I will still be taking a photo every single day so I can catch up upon our triumphant return.


From the Archives

Uss Missouri, Hawaii
August 2008

Personalising Dog Tags
I thought this lady was horrible & rude because you were only allowed 9 letters for a first name so I put down “SarahRose” and she got all snippity about the double capital letters, even after I explained that USUALLY, when ALLOWED, I put a hyphen between the two parts of my first name. JEEZ.
So I took this photo intending to be all horrid only to find, once completed, that she had BROKEN THE 9 LETTER RULE for me and thus, again, I was both ashamed and Sarah-Rose.

Dippin Dots
Then we tried Dippin Dots because, like Fluff ™, it (they?) was (were?) something I’d only ever heard about.
They were less delicious than I expected.

Sir C & his Hot Dog
And our first real American hot dogs. I can’t believe it took us this long to get around to them.

Have a Great Navy Day!
(don’t get complacent. We followed THIS up with more looking-at-old-war-stuff)

Week Forty-Three

365 in 2009!

I just can’t seem to shake this post-show exhaustion.

Sunday: Horrible weather, horrible mood
On Sunday the weather was horrible and so was my mood. Sigh.

Monday: Missed a protest outside my work. Who is Peter Jenson?
I missed a protest outside of my workplace. I have no idea who this Peter Jansen is.

Tuesday: Hauling Books around
Portable library! The Frankie Photobook was won in a giveaway run by the darling Amber of code for something.

Wednesday: Trixie Delicious Badge
I lovelovelove the badge which came with the plate Sir C ordered through Trixie Delicious for me.

Thursday: Mysterious Bruises
One of my legs has been coming up in (stress/exhaustion enduced) mysterious bruises. There are at least 2 more not pictured.
Thankfully I actually quite like my legs being all bruised. It makes me feel tough.

Friday: Poor Polar Bears
Most of these 350 posters in Wellington Railway Station make me roll my eyes. But this one I thought was pretty cute.

Saturday: Craig Packing
Sir C packed his little bags and flew up to Auckland to play mechanic to his Dad’s race-car-driver during the Targa.


Can't shake this exhaustion
At the peak of my post-show exhaustion.

Week Forty-Two

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Photo Editing Time
Sunday afternoons are for photo editing.

Monday: Home Tableau pre-show
A home tableau before a dress rehearsal.

Tuesday: Bennetts Quote
Sometimes, about a third of the time, I quite like the quotes that Bennetts bookshop choose for their sign.

Wednesday: Ninja amongst glitter
I had to work late, went straight from the work to the show, then I found this cute little ninja drawing in amongst the glitter.
It cheered me right up.

Thursday: Costume Rack
Costumes in the second act.

Friday: Eclec-ticity
Ahhh the last work-show combination. I almost cried tears of relief.

Saturday: I always wear more jewellery after the RZ show
I’ve been wearing a lot of clunky silver jewellery recently.
And yes, that’s one of the tops I tried on in Week 36.


Saturday: luggage under my eyes
This photo was taken after catching up on sleep, while wearing makeup, and still I have luggage under my eyes.
A week of being at home for only 8 hours a night (5.5 hours sleep)? catches up with a girl.

Week Forty-One

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Eastbourne in the Rain
A whole day’s rehearsal later, Craig drives me home in the rain, a stranger is jogging.

Monday: Coffee in the Cold
I had to stay late at work & missed my train. It was freezing on the platform and I had 30 minutes to spare so a regular latte (one sugar) was called for.

Tuesday: Portmans
The girls at Portmans are lovely. They helped me purchase my lay-by jacket then return it immediately then purchase it again. Because the sale price was 45 per cent of the lay-by price.

Wednesday: THE ART OF WAR
The first penguin book of the week.
A copy of The Art of War given to me by my darling Petra as a birthday present.
I think I might just keep it at work.

Thursday: Birthday Morning
My birthday. I woke to birthday wishes from my baby sister as I wouldn’t see her until the evening.

Friday: Farewell My Lovely
The second penguin book of the week.
Sitting by my birthday bag (marc by marc jacobs!) and a testament to how much I’m loving the show Bored to Death.

Saturday: Spending Bendon Vouchers
Lingerie shopping with birthday vouchers and sale prices. Fate!


First photo as a 26 year old

My sister Charlotte tends to send me off kilter birthday cards

the day of my daughter's wedding .... or of her sister's birthday

This year? even from London she managed it

eeeeee card

Anyone would think we were related.

Edited to add:
Both my husband and baby baby sister bought me plates from the darling Trixie Delicious (Mutant and Bitch. Photos to follow!) for my birthday.
Perhaps I’m just predictable? Sigh.

My brain is leaking out of my ears …

Oh October, you are living up to my prophecy. And I suspect I will have a full blown ulcer by the time I am 26*. And perhaps my lungs will collapse under the sheer force of my sighing.

Of course, you are somewhat (ONLY SOMEWHAT) redeemed by the latest rehearsal for my Show (Eclecticity: the Revue**) as it turns out that the best part of being a teeny little cog in a huge machine of a show means that when the rehearsals get to run-through stage (we open in one week. ONE WEEK!) you still haven’t managed to see half the acts. I spent half the rehearsal giggling madly. The other half was spent trying to shove lines into my head but the giggling half was very enjoyable.

So! Come one, come all:

Eclecticity: the Revue

Please please please don’t judge the show by the poster.
The masses like the clip art joker and funky 1998 font.

This was my (DENIED) version:

My Version (inspired by a Milliner's ad)

* That would be TOMORROW. Eep.

** Electicity. As in Electic. And Icity. I don’t even pretend to get it beyond the whole “eclectic” thing.