It comes but once a year

Oh Darling Hearts


Dearest, darling, birthday month, you come but once a year.
This year you are a whirl of unpredictable weather, changeable work circumstances, a frenzy of lines and planning and travel and moving and oh, exhaustion.
I expect. I anticipate. I prognosticate*. But knowing what I have scribbled into my diary? gives me the benefit of foresight.

I enjoyed my fanciful wishlist collage last year** and so? here is the collage du jour, collage 2009:

2009 Birthday Wishlist

This beautiful copy of The Bell Jar, Protea charm & Protea ring by Meadowlark, Cupcakes (!), Peonies, the permission for Craig and I to live in the UK for as long as we like, beautiful underwear, a Kodak Duaflex vintage camera, St Paul’s Cathedral back in my life, a traditional peony tattoo, a black retro-style scooter, Chloe Sevigny for Open Ceremony Wedges, Meadowlark*** pyramid stud bangles, a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in a berry berry hue.

Not pictured: A French Bulldog, a Nissan Figaro (!), photography prints to sell (and people to purchase them), the ability to whistle, a trip to Paris, gladiator sandals, and the Oxford English Dictionary.

p.s. this year I have manymany hours of work followed by manymany hours of rehearsal on my birthday. And more work the day after. And rehearsal half the weekend. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

* Sidebar! Because a word is obscure does not mean that it shouldnot be used. If you understand the meaning and proper usage then I think I should be aloowed to use it. It bugs me ever so much when people tilt their heads**** when I make use of my extensive vocabulary.

** Following on from last years list? Sir C gave me a PoGo, only to find that the paper is not stocked in NZ, my zelda fitzgerald heirloom ring, and an ice cream cake (he is a lovely lovely man), mes parents assembled my charm bracelet (all London, all the time), and in the year since I have also acquired (my obsessions rarely wane) a large Moleskine diary, a traditional rose 1/4 sleeve tattoo (or near enough), MAC makeup, and a large fuchsia flower pin.

*** Meadowlark meadowlark meadowlark. I just adore their work.

**** Examples from the last few days: Behoove. Misanthropy. Prognosticate. Ire.



  1. Kat · October 2, 2009

    You are adorable as always. And your birthday will be late from Scotland this year. The mail strikes, the lack of being paid, bah. It won't happen on the day, but it will happen! (cue Rachel Hunter flicking her hair up..)

  2. Sarah-Rose · October 4, 2009

    Kat – thank you my sweet. Also? mail strikes? again? lord.

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