Week Forty

365 in 2009!

(forty! four-zero!)

Sunday: Dots at the Opening of the Kusama Exhibition
Craig and I went in to the opening of the Yayoi Kusama exhibition.
I lovelovelove the dots on the gallery but I cannot comment on anything else as the queue was intimidating so we went for curry and wandering the shops instead.

Monday: Smokers and Scripts
Smoker Sweets (Musk!) and scripts by firelight.
Chez mes cousins.

Tuesday: Rain on the Train
At this stage on Tuesday I was mainly made up of jangling nerves thanks to a last minute work* trip for the next day.

Wednesday: Christchurch Airport
Time to kill at Christchurch airport.

Thursday: Post-Travel Detritus
Ahh, the post-travel detritus.
I always find bits to tear out of the in-flight magazines, even though they say we can take them with us. Add to that the napkins and notes and boarding pass stubs? detritus.

Friday: Station Signs
Old signs from my old station spotted in the train yard. I wonder if they would let me have one for my back yard.

Saturday: Working Bee at the BCTT
I may be useless during the construction of a stage but I did the best I could. That being to bring Craig and his tools.
They trusted me with cardboard and paint.
Working-bee Fingernails.


Fontana - vintage glasses from American Apparel
Wearing Fontana vintage sunglasses from American Apparel.
Purchased with a discount code provided by the lovely Jo of Eye Heart Glasses.

* Work. That which I do not discuss here. DO NOT.



  1. Katie · October 4, 2009

    I want to see this exhibition do you know how long it's on for?

  2. Kat · October 8, 2009

    Those glasses are awesome. 🙂 and I love the container for Craig's tools!

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