Week Forty-One

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Eastbourne in the Rain
A whole day’s rehearsal later, Craig drives me home in the rain, a stranger is jogging.

Monday: Coffee in the Cold
I had to stay late at work & missed my train. It was freezing on the platform and I had 30 minutes to spare so a regular latte (one sugar) was called for.

Tuesday: Portmans
The girls at Portmans are lovely. They helped me purchase my lay-by jacket then return it immediately then purchase it again. Because the sale price was 45 per cent of the lay-by price.

Wednesday: THE ART OF WAR
The first penguin book of the week.
A copy of The Art of War given to me by my darling Petra as a birthday present.
I think I might just keep it at work.

Thursday: Birthday Morning
My birthday. I woke to birthday wishes from my baby sister as I wouldn’t see her until the evening.

Friday: Farewell My Lovely
The second penguin book of the week.
Sitting by my birthday bag (marc by marc jacobs!) and a testament to how much I’m loving the show Bored to Death.

Saturday: Spending Bendon Vouchers
Lingerie shopping with birthday vouchers and sale prices. Fate!


First photo as a 26 year old


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