Week Forty-Three

365 in 2009!

I just can’t seem to shake this post-show exhaustion.

Sunday: Horrible weather, horrible mood
On Sunday the weather was horrible and so was my mood. Sigh.

Monday: Missed a protest outside my work. Who is Peter Jenson?
I missed a protest outside of my workplace. I have no idea who this Peter Jansen is.

Tuesday: Hauling Books around
Portable library! The Frankie Photobook was won in a giveaway run by the darling Amber of code for something.

Wednesday: Trixie Delicious Badge
I lovelovelove the badge which came with the plate Sir C ordered through Trixie Delicious for me.

Thursday: Mysterious Bruises
One of my legs has been coming up in (stress/exhaustion enduced) mysterious bruises. There are at least 2 more not pictured.
Thankfully I actually quite like my legs being all bruised. It makes me feel tough.

Friday: Poor Polar Bears
Most of these 350 posters in Wellington Railway Station make me roll my eyes. But this one I thought was pretty cute.

Saturday: Craig Packing
Sir C packed his little bags and flew up to Auckland to play mechanic to his Dad’s race-car-driver during the Targa.


Can't shake this exhaustion
At the peak of my post-show exhaustion.


One comment

  1. LoserSaysTim · October 25, 2009

    Is the show run finished then? Congrats 😉 Wonder if my folks made it down.2 weeks til Japan!

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