From the Archives

Uss Missouri, Hawaii
August 2008

Personalising Dog Tags
I thought this lady was horrible & rude because you were only allowed 9 letters for a first name so I put down “SarahRose” and she got all snippity about the double capital letters, even after I explained that USUALLY, when ALLOWED, I put a hyphen between the two parts of my first name. JEEZ.
So I took this photo intending to be all horrid only to find, once completed, that she had BROKEN THE 9 LETTER RULE for me and thus, again, I was both ashamed and Sarah-Rose.

Dippin Dots
Then we tried Dippin Dots because, like Fluff ™, it (they?) was (were?) something I’d only ever heard about.
They were less delicious than I expected.

Sir C & his Hot Dog
And our first real American hot dogs. I can’t believe it took us this long to get around to them.

Have a Great Navy Day!
(don’t get complacent. We followed THIS up with more looking-at-old-war-stuff)


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