Week Forty-Four

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Picnic in the park
I walked walked walked in the sun and had a picnic in the park. It was lovely.

Monday: Labour Day Sale!
Labour Day, a holiday, I went out walking again (the sun was shining) and this time ended up at the Labour Day sales and coming away with … a lot of underwear. And these old school seamed stockings.

Tuesday: Late at work
After a public holiday there is always so much extra work to do. And as such, I stayed late at work.

Wednesday: Size 10 OMG
I’ve been tracking my jean size in the same store all year. In January I didn’t buy any because the size 14 was too small. And now? I just bought a size 10!
I think the last time I wore a size 10 was while Craig lived in Auckland. Meaning I would have been around 18/19.
(these are NZ sizes by the way)

Thursday: Cannibalistic Pigeons
Creeped out by the Pigeons at the train station snacking on old roast chicken.

Friday: Bag for Japan, Comparison
I bought a bag to pack for Japan. We’re not going for that long and I want to pack as little as possible.
Then I got it home and realised it’s only twice the size of my every day handbag. I may have over estimated my packing-light abilities.

Saturday: The painters killed the plant!
The plant that I am looking after for my baby sister has been looking decidedly dodgy ever since the painters came into our house. If it dies, I’m blaming them.


Sir C & Me

There will not be a weekly post next Sunday. And possibly not the Sunday after that.
On Friday Sir C and I are winging our way to Japan (JAPAN!) and while I think we do get back in to Wellington on a Sunday, it’s highly likely we will feel like death and I will have 7000 photos to sort.
But! I will still be taking a photo every single day so I can catch up upon our triumphant return.


One comment

  1. Charlie · November 1, 2009

    I love labour day weekend, funny I ended up buying alot of underwear too, bendon was having a sale. Have fun in Japan!

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