The vagaries of Park Place*

Leaving Wellington
From Wellington to Auckland

Such are the nuances of our new internet connection that I cannot seem to upload photos to the Darling Internet.

This is very very annoying as I have approximately Seven Hundred photos of Japan I wish to share with you. And so far? this is the only one I have managed to move from my Mac to Flickr. It’s sunset over … somewhere near Wellington.

I also had planned to spend today getting up to date with my 365 in 2009 updates but the internet was just toying with me by allowing me to create one entry before getting all upset and uppity and slowing right the fuck down**.

And of course, I had to unpack some more. Sigh.

* This is what I will be calling our new flat. It is not the actual address. Sneaky.
** Excuse my language. But it’s getting really really annoying. Like, an upstream speed of 10-17 kb/s***.
*** Please excuse the geekery.


One comment

  1. Kat · November 22, 2009

    That is a fantastic photo, anyway! Good luck with the rest.. xx

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