Week Forty-Eight

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Rose outside Park Place. Exploring.
I explored the steep little garden of Park Place. It was unexciting but the rose was pretty.

Monday: Bird Kitsch
Unpacking a little further. The area I have claimed to store my office type things is all pale colours and kitsch. Like this little metal bird.

Tuesday: No More Trains
Thanks to a free carpark at work, and the fact that there are two of us in the car, it is much cheaper for Craig and I to drive in to work and back. The only trouble is, sometimes the return journey is slow.

Wednesday: A bit too much Pink
My new gela-skins iPhone cover (using this photo from Paris) arrived and in addition to the pink headphones and pink handbag? it’s all a bit much for me.

Thursday: Love the quote.
I loved the quote outside Bennetts.

Friday: a bad-mood-day
A no-good-very-bad-mood kind of day. Called for overpriced faux-coffee and a cinnamon roll.

Saturday: Photo Editing
Our new couch suite makes me feel positively tiny (but it is glorious and leather and was such a good deal) and I spent most of the day there (it was raining) editing photos. In order to catch up.


Sofas make me feel tiny

And just like that? I’m up to date with 365 in 2009.
Just in time for the end.


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