Week Forty-Seven

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Impressive Mountains from the Plane to Wellington
Arriving back in New Zealand. This little country can be damned impressive sometimes.

Monday: Moving House
Crazy busy moving into Park Place. I only managed to take one photo all day.

Tuesday: Peppermints are a Priority.
Peppermints are a priority in my house. Especially seasonal peppermints. I heart candy canes.

Wednesday: I guess the view from Park Place is pretty good.
Sunset. I guess the view from Park Place isn’t so bad.

Thursday: New Frames
I collected two framed photographs (uh 3 I suppose) and a frame for my Fifi Lapin print. More art for Park Place.

Friday: Vintage Camera Collection
My vintage camera collection on display.

Saturday: Artwork in a Petone Cafe
Post tattoo consultation coffee and brunch. I loved the dressed-up-dogs art for sale. If I had $75 spare? the one in the pink dress would already be mine. Sigh.


Self Portrait



  1. LoserSaysTim · November 30, 2009

    I miss having a view. Even if I'm 10 mins from all the nightlife I need.

  2. Sarah-Rose · December 8, 2009

    Ahh. Views can be overrated. I would give up our view in an instant if I could be back in our London flat, even when it didn't have a view.

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