The Horrors of Park Place


I’m being over dramatic (Surprise!), there are no horrors. Well, very few anyway.

In fact, last night I even managed to sleep with the bedroom door shut and all the lights off. What? yes, I’m 26 and scared of complete complete suffocating horrifying darkness. Aren’t you? Can’t you feel it pressing in all around you? Hiding anything but also an entity? Can you now? Anyway. One curtain open and I coped. Victory!

Also? we live in the bush. Not REALLY of course, we are walking distance to civilisation and other houses, but there is an awful lot of greenery all around the house. Lots of trees and ferns. It feels decidedly bush-esque. This means insects. A lot of insects. Myriad insects. And I do not like insects. There are spiders and moths and THINGS I CANNOT EVEN IDENTIFY.

But mainly? MAINLY? (well, besides the insects thing, but I can’t effectively control that) it’s because the phone lines at the house are all messed up (Craig’s technical term there) and as such we have not had internet since Wednesday.
AND I HAD PLANS. I had plans to post all of my Japan photos this week. But no. You just get one shot of Dōtonbori at night and well … they are sending out a technician tomorrow so we shall see.
If we are without internet indefinitely? I might come out in a rash. I’m a little worried.



  1. Ms Constantine · December 4, 2009

    OMFG No internets?! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't get internet at home. I think I would have to move or get a satellite installed because I'd probably kill myself otherwise.

  2. Sarah-Rose · December 8, 2009

    Thankfully we are ABLE to get the internet, Orcon were just being ridiculous.And yea, I would have to move as well!

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