Week Forty-Nine

365 in 2009!

Sunday: an afternoon well spent. Sun & Poirot.
I spent the afternoon lying in the sun and reading an old old Agatha Christie novel.

Monday: Sorceress set by M.A.C.
I went to Kirkcaldie and Stains to pick up a christmas present and came away with this eyeshadow set in Sorceress as well. Oops. But I adore it.

Tuesday: outfit for Wednesday
I try and set out my outfit for the next day when I get home from work.
I set out my newly repaired grey-peplum skirt, vintage rhinestone necklace, and slip-of-a-thing watch.

Wednesday: my 'books to read' pile.
My pile of books-to-read is becoming precarious.
BUT I just finished Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger and it was quite large so the situation is less dire.

Thursday: Xmas Present
A christmas present arrived at home. I flicked through it (CAREFULLY! No spine creases!) and I may have to keep it for myself.

Friday: loved this one too!
I loved this quote too! I really like whoever it is that’s choosing the quotes for Bennetts at the moment.

Saturday: Barbecue avec ma famille
After a day of boring boring domestic stuff Craig and I went to my parents for a family barbecue and watching of Love Actually to kickstart the christmas spirit.

Next week will be even better – the third sister will be home (!), there is a tattoo appointment, and perhaps there will be christmas tree decorating. Perhaps.


First Sunburn of Summer. Sigh.
The first sunburn of summer.


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