Introducing … Wilbur!

Outline: Complete

The birth of Wilbur, my dia de los muertos sugar skull tattoo.


Craig took me to Manu Tattoo in Petone & held my hand as I breathed & zen-ed through the outline. Then he took this photo where I look wiped out and you know what?

Eesh. Bleedy.

From the sacred heart on his forehead to the tudor rose on his chin & all the swirls and twirls in between? he hurt a LOT.
More than I was expecting, and I was expecting a lot because of the whole baby-skin on the underside of my arm.

In Pain

On the other hand, it was good practice for my yogic breathing, mind power, disassociating tactics. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly, focussing on sweeping the pain around my body instead of leaving it inside my arm.
I squeezed Craig’s hand until my fingers turned purple, and tried very hard to not twitch.

Freshly Done

It worked! I survived & he is worth it. I love his little face.

Encased in Plastic

And by the way? I have no idea why I named him Wilbur. It just seems to be his name.

Bruised and Swollen

Craig: huh. It almost looks blue where it’s not coloured in.
Me: That’s called BRUISING.

Now? he’s yellow. A yellow aura of bruising.

Wilbur and Sarah-Rose: 2getha 4eva


It’s love!


One comment

  1. LoserSaysTim · December 13, 2009

    Reminds me of Alex Grey. In a good way. My favourite of your tattoos yet, I'd say.

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