Week Fifty

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Moving Books
We finally moved all my books from Trinity to Park Place. Boxes and boxes of books.

Monday: Jeffrey Campbell 99
99 by Jeffrey Campbell, back ordered then delayed then posted to the old address, finally collected. I adore them.
I bought half a size too big but that allowed for insoles & heel grips which made them delightfully comfortable.

Tuesday: New Sheets & Magazine
New sheets, a magazine stolen (BORROWED) from my father, and bedside table. My bedroom looks like it belongs to a grown up. Very strange. Also? note the pile of books-to-read.

Wednesday: Peppermint Nailpolish
O.P.I. tries to tell me that this colour is Lime. I say it’s Mint Green.

Thursday: Solar Night Light
It is REALLY DARK up the hill. Very few streetlights. So I bought a solar powered light.

Friday: Manu Tattoo
Craig accompanied me to Manu Tattoo in Petone. I had Wilbur put on my arm and good LORD but it hurt.

Saturday: Creepy Santas
Ahhh my creepy phallic Santas.
Craig and I hunted out our Christmas decorations and bought a real live Christmas tree, our first one as our own little family.
I like that we still have Firsts.


Attempting to display braids
Silvery-Grey eyeshadow.



  1. Anonymous · December 20, 2009

    Where did you order the shoes from? Theyre beaautiful!

  2. Sarah-Rose · December 20, 2009

    I ordered them through SoleStruck.com !

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