Day Two: Nara to Kyoto

After our first full day in Osaka, Craig and I caught the train to Nara, on our way to Kyoto.

Deer!! OMG! Deer!

Nara is famous for the deer which, designated as National Treasures, roam freely through the 502ha Park.
They are almost tame! almost. According to the warning signs (which are ENTIRELY in Kanji) they can shoot electricity out of their heads. Creepy deer.

I took about 7000 photos of the deer.

Deer Souvenirs

I didn’t buy an inflatable deer. But I did buy a hat which makes it look like I’m wearing a deer on my head!


Craig and Todaiji

Craig outside Tōdai-ji, the largest wooden building in the world, is a temple which houses a 50 foot tall Buddha (have I mentioned that I love Giant Buddhas?) Vairocana.

Ahh! Big Buddha

Vairocana (this iteration) is a Buddha who is the embodiment of Dharmakaya, and who therefore can be seen as the universal aspect of the historical Gautama Buddha. In Sino-Japanese Buddhism, Vairocana is also seen as the embodiment of the Buddhist concept of shunyata or Emptiness.

Painting roof tiles. Auspicious.

Painting roof tiles. Auspicious.

So damned picturesque

Most of the leaves had turned by the time we arrived in Japan but some trees were still astounding.



More Deer Sign

I’m guessing it says “Caution. Angry deers can electrocute”.

I think that you are Lovely

Ahh. Dying. So cute.

There were a LOT of deer about.

So cute.


Feeding the Deer!

Then we bought special deer crackers and fed the adorable little beasts.

Deer Crackers

I found it a little terrifying though, they are quite tall. I mean, compared to me.

Craig and the Deer

Like a painting

Boarding Point for Ladies Only, Nara Station

The platform for the train from Nara to Kyoto was lovely. Rainbow glass and special boarding points for ladies (at peak times only of course).

Rainbow Wall, Nara Station

We caught the train to Kyoto, struggled (just a little) to find our hotel then collapsed.

Little bowls, Hearton Hotel


One comment

  1. LoserSaysTim · December 22, 2009

    Though I much prefer your head-electricity explanation, to shed some light on boring reality:The first sign is saying you shouldn't get too friendly with any fawns, as Mama Deer might be a bit protective.The second is saying that startled deer (I love that collocation) can suddenly bolt so watch out (especially when chased by a dog, but who blames them).Anyway, nice pics! You nailed the Buddha in low light too. But the deer ones are the more impressive (never work with animals, right).

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