A Conversation

Last night, Craig picked me up from work (he is a gentleman of leisure this week while I, lucky as I am, get to work right up until the 24th!) and we about to select a DVD to watch when he opened the drawer and said:

Craig: I … may have done something bad.
Me: Huh?
Craig: I may have done something a little OCD.
Me: What? Did you alphabetise them?
Craig: … maybe.
Me: Baby, that’s not OCD, that’s awesome. Ahh!

That poor poor man, my crazy is apparently contagious.



  1. LoserSaysTim · December 22, 2009

    Ahhhhahaha!The powers of nothing to do on holiday. Plus, well, alphabetizing is always essential.

  2. Kat · December 22, 2009

    Yay! I can't not have my DVDs alphabetised, though!However, the Wii games are stacked in order of most played. Hee.

  3. Kate · December 22, 2009

    I used to have our dvd's colour coded….currently they are in genre…but I am now considering alphabetizing….

  4. Sarah-Rose · December 23, 2009

    Tim – yes yes, I think it was partly boredom! poor man now has a lot of cleaning and food shopping to do.Kat – same! it was bugging me inordinately. But I never had the time to do it. Plus they're all in a drawer so I could pretend they WERE organised as long as it was shut.Kate – at Trinity they were colour coded. Now they are split somewhat into genres (tv shows, comedians, movies) and THEN alphabetised. While I love the aesthetics of colour coding, I find it so much easier to find movies alphabetically.

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