Christmas Eve: Candy Cane Fudge

Step 22 - FINALE

My basic lazy-girl-baker idea of christmas baking is to take anything that usually comes as chocolate and add peppermint essence and candy canes. Because Chocolate and Mint is the best flavour combination in the world. THE WORLD.

Still, this slice is delicious.

250g butter, cubed
1 cup caster sugar
2 egg, lightly beaten
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp peppermint essence
4 tbsp cocoa powder, sifted
2x 250g packet wine biscuits, finely crushed
Simple chocolate icing
10 half-size candy canes (or, I suppose, 5 regular size candy canes)

Ah, jeez. I JUST realised that I only used 1 egg in this recipe. Though it calls for two. And tastes just fine. Hurrah!

Step 1
Ingredients. Plus handy iPhone containing the recipe.

Step 2
Cut the butter. Don’t be terrified by just how much you use. Or at least, try to ignore it.

Step 4
Place butter in a saucepan to melt.
You can cut it in to cubes to help it melt faster but I prefer to not.

Step 3
Because it’s the perfect time to have a drink.

Step 5
Or to continue with the recipe.
Put the packets of biscuits into a plastic bag.
Also? I have no idea if wine biscuits are called anything else around the world. They are plain plain plain biscuits and I can only stand them in recipes like this.

Step 6
Crush the biscuits!
Yes, we keep a hammer in the kitchen. Why?

Step 7
Measure out the sugar. I love my measuring cups, they are ADORABLE.

Step 8
Add to the melted sugar and stir until dissolved.
Wooden spoon handle covered in electrical tape because I hate the feeling of rough wood. Makes my skin crawl.

Step 9
Remove from the heat, allow to cool for a minute (just a minute) then add the egg(s. Damn,) and stir. The egg might go a little streaky white but that’s just it cooking. DO NOT PANIC.

Step 10
Add the vanilla and peppermint essences. I add extra because I love both flavours.

Step 11
Stir in the cocoa.

Step 12
Add the crushed biscuits. Don’t panic if there are large chunks, you can crush them up in the next step.

Step 13
Stir and stir and stir some more. And then a bit more.

Step 14
Press into a greased 17 x 27cm slice tin.

Step 15

And now you can watch Elf, or cook dinner, or have another drink. Then move on to the icing. You can use any chocolate icing recipe you like but mine is as follows:

1 tsp butter
1 tsp cocoa
Icing sugar

Step 16
Icing ingredients.

The most annoying part is unwrapping and crushing the candy canes. This is where I rope in my darling darling husband, or, like last year, my darling sister.

Step 17

Step 18

Step 19
Add the teaspoon of butter to a bowl and microwave for scant seconds to melt. Then add 1/4 cup hot water, the cocoa, and icing sugar.

Step 20
Continue to add icing sugar and water, alternating between the two, until you have a) enough icing and b) the right consistency.

Step 21
Spread over the slice and sprinkle with the candy cane shards.

Step 22 - FINALE

It’s delicious.



  1. Kat · December 23, 2009

    Can't wait to make this! xx

  2. seasoned · December 23, 2009

    feel free to just send me these. i will NOT get mad. 🙂

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