Week Five

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Sun through the Trees
A weekend of terrible weather and then, on Sunday evening, just to tease, the sun came out.

Monday: Holiday spent with Qi
Wellington Anniversary Day dawned dreary. A perfect day for switching between Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and Qi Series One.

Tuesday: Creepy creepy fog
Driving home from work we saw the demons over Eastbourne.

Wednesday: More strange Fog
At dawn on Wednesday we saw where the demons came from – Wainuiomata apparently.

Thursday: Trees outside the Law School
Bright orange flowers outside the Law School near my office.
Incidentally, I should have a photo of someone wearing an AC/DC t-shirt as they swarmed all over the city today – but I was too terrified that they might set upon me and tear me limb from limb.
Bogans believe photographs steal your soul.

Friday: Damaged Bench
These benches were beautiful. Now they appear to have been nibbled.

Saturday: Sun & Taps
A hot hot hot day (the first dry weekend since November, apparently) and I read more of Wolf Hall while Craig did odd jobs.
I helped though! I handed him the hose while he was on the roof.


Horseshoe for Luck
Horseshoe for Luck.


Something over Eastbourne

There was a strange strange … cloud over Eastbourne.
It was so so bizarre I made Craig drive to the sea so I could take photos free from the other side of the car and half a motorway.
We decided it was either fog, clouds, or demons.

I made Craig drive to the sea so I could shoot it.

Creepy creepy fog

Creepy Fog over Eastbourne

Actually, it’s probably demons.

Week Four

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Yayoi Kusama. Finally
Craig and I finally finally went to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition.

Monday: Prince William: he was very lovely
The day I went and looked at a Royal.

Tuesday: Crazy Fog
Strange strange fog at dawn.

Wednesday: Sun & Wine
The sun was out so, after work, I sat in the sun with a glass of wine. Lovely.

Thursday: On the way to meet Petra
Passing a cheesey takeaway store on the way to meet Petra for drinks.

Friday: Lyta in the Rain
In between work and going out for dinner I sat and watched the rain.

Saturday: Cupcakes, almost burned
A holiday weekend (Wellington Anniversary) and I baked cupcakes. They burned – a little.


Wednesday: Lowlow back

A peek inside my bedroom

On the weekend, yes, this weekend just passed, I finally completed unpacking at Park Place!

That is, as long as you ignore the shambles which is my office. Why do I even have an office? all of this must be ignored. Along with the realisation that it took two months (exactly) for the unpacking to cease.

But I digress, my final final battle in the war of the boxes was my jewellery. I have a lot of jewellery. I like it! It’s sparkly! And when I had packed up said jewellery I didn’t go about it in a neat and tidy manner, I was delirious with jet lag and post-Japan malaise, so it was all (save for the 2 pairs of earrings, 3 necklaces, & 4 rings I had travelled with) thrown into a plastic bag. Or two. I have a LOT of jewellery.

And so the task of unpacking my darling jewels took a good three hours. And that’s just wrong. Sure, mostly it was because of the whole just chuck it all in a bag, it’ll be FINE delusion but still, wow.
This is also since my post-new-years-resolution to have less stuff.
So I culled. I threw out the lonely earrings, missing a mate, and the irrevocably damaged. The rest I boxed up for the vultures of my darling family to fall upon. I restricted myself to favourite pieces*, those of great sentimental value**, and those I consider “grown up” jewellery, the silver and gold***.

And then? I put on my scarily organised hat, pulled out my two perspex jewellery boxes from Muji (one purchased in London and one in Osaka) and organised to my cold black heart’s content.
And then I photographed it, so that the darling family who don’t live at Park Place can see and mock, lovingly of course.

Organised Chaos: Jewellery Edition

Organised Chaos: Jewellery Edition

Organised Chaos: Jewellery Edition

* Like my Anatomical Heart and Moustache necklaces.

** Like the earrings to which I am allergic but which were given to me as an 8/9 year old by a cousin living overseas, when I wasn’t allowed my ears pierced until I was 11, and the ring with a plastic rat on it (with diamante eyes!) which provoked someone into speaking to me on the tube (who wasn’t completely drunk)(you can see his tiny ratty feet in the second photo, he’s in the ring drawer), and the ring Craig gave me on our first valentines day together (2001!).

*** I may consider them grown up due to the material but they still include my sterling silver knuckleduster ring, my vampire fang necklace, & ring, & earrings … I have a lot of sterling silver jewellery due to my nickel allergy.

Day Six: Osaka

Back in Osaka, back chez Tim, where you can tell you’re getting near his place when you spot Hotel Mickey Cookies.

Back in Osaka - Hotel Mickey Cookies
Mickey Cookies is a Love Hotel.
A “love hotel” (ラブホテル) is a type of short-stay hotel found in Japan operated primarily for the purpose of allowing couples privacy to have sexual intercourse.
Which is probably why you can rent it for 90 minutes.

Costume Hire
And hire costumes.

But that was just on the way to the Osaka Aquarium!

Osaka Aquarium

We arrived at the aquarium just after it opened (as recommended by Lonely Planet Japan) to a sign advising that there were … a LOT of schoolchildren inside. Like thousands. And they recommended that we come back later.
But we had come all this way so we went inside the door where a lady reiterated what the sign said and handed us two tickets to the IMAX theatre show “Under the Sea” to occupy some time before we could come back and brave the hordes.
So occupy some time we did. Incidentally, I had really wanted to see “Under the Sea” narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet when Craig and I were at the Science Museum in London but he scoffed, and we didn’t see it.
Instead we saw it completely in Japanese, not dubbed by Kate and Johnny, and it was just as amazing. Impressive 3D and an empty cinema (seriously, there were two other people in there, and the IMAX cinemas are LARGE). Plus, due to the complete language barrier I got to play the fun game “fucking or fighting?”.

By the time we made it back to the Aquarium pretty much all trace of the children was gone. It was a little eerie. But we got to go inside!

Feeding time for the Otters

Whale Shark and Entourage

The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (海遊館) is one of the largest public aquariums in the world and is home to a pair of Whale Sharks.
Whale Sharks are the largest living fish species and can grow to 12m in length. Their mouths? can up be up to 1.5 metres wide.

Kid and the Tail

But I was more impressed by (unsurprisingly) the Manta Rays.

Manta Ray. My favourite.

Partly because of my well documented love of Rays, partly because it was completely unexpected, partly because as a child I had read and reread and reread The Girl of the Sea of Cortez by Peter Benchley and it just … stuck with me.

Friday: Literally awesome.

Manta Ray

Dork Ray

(they had other Rays there as well)

Stingray face


Dork Ray

Craig christened this species the Dork Ray.

Smushed Face

With Dolphin and entranced child

Christmas time at Kaiyukan

Dolphin and Santa

Aquarium Quote


And randomly, as you leave, there is a Capybara.


Craig touching a SharkTouching a Shark
Touching a sharkTouching a shark

Baby Sting Rays

Poor Otter

Sting Ray

The area is Aquarium themed

Puffer Fish

Ah. Just like that, I’m exhausted. I will finish of this day later.
So. Many. Fish. Photos.

Week Three

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Final day of the Holiday
Sparkly deer, Fifi Lapin, and painted while bricks.
The last day of the holiday was one of unpacking suitcases and boxes (yes. still.) followed by dinner and very competitive Trivial Pursuits chez Trinity.

Monday; Cheap Monday. Back at Work
I’ve got this thing I can do with my eye. I can change it from blue to blind.
My first day back at work-itis was assuaged by a midday parcel of a Cheap Monday jacket and a dinner of popcorn, cider, and Criminal Minds.

Tuesday: Summer Fruit
Apparently the way I eat apricots is strange.

Wednesday: Hiroshima Kitty
I attached my Hello Kitty Hiroshima phone charm to a case for my baby iPhone and wrote a post about said city for this darling site.

Thursday: 4th Anniversary Flowers
Our 4th wedding anniversary. Craig bought me flowers as an apology; he suggested celebrating with Dinner but ended up having to work.

Friday: Waiting on Sir C
Waiting for Craig in the cold and grey outside my work, I investigated the new court building. The facade is supposed to evoke native trees.

Saturday: Buddha hands on a horrible day
Buddha’s hands (unpacked!) on a no-good, very-bad day.


So cold and grey
So cold and grey this week (oh, how I adore summer in Wellington) that I resorted to my flannel dress and faux-uggs.

Day Five: Hiroshima

Breakfast in Hiroshima
A breakfast of Brioche (I hope) and Sports Water (we never did work out what that flavour was) before heading out to, of all things, the Mazda Museum.

Guide and the 60s car
Yes. Seriously.

Wankel Engines
It wasn’t exactly interesting to me, but Craig enjoyed it. And I did like seeing the Assembly line. No photos of that though, in case I sold trade secrets or something.

RX* Wiring

1990s Concept Car - Water Bubble
1990s concept car, designed to look like a water bubble. I like it.

We caught the train back to Hiroshima and then a tram down to the A-Bomb Dome and Peace Park.

A-Bomb Dome

Peace Volunteer

A-Bomb Dome Info

Mobilised Students Memorial
The Mobilised Students Memorial.

Children's Memorial - for Sadako Sasaki
Children’s Memorial – for Sadako Sasaki

I remember a little yellow book in my primary school library all about Sadako, and a song that we sung in choir.
Sadako was two when the bomb exploded in 1945 and was diagnosed with leukemia at 10 years old. On her sickbed she started folding paper cranes spurred on by the Japanese saying that one who folded 1,000 cranes was granted a wish, by August 1955 she had reached her goal but she continued to fold cranes until her death in October 1955.

Children dedicating cranes

1. She saw the Thunderbolt in the sky
like a million suns, it prickled her eyes;
she saw the Thunderbolt in the sky –
two years old, it prickled her eyes.
But now she sits making paper cranes,
paper cranes, paper cranes.
Now she sits making paper cranes – Sadako from Hiroshima.

2. She was a runner, swift and strong,
she was tall and slim and her legs were long;
she was a runner, swift and strong –
ten years old and her legs were long.

3. She went to hospital tired and weak,
it was hard to laugh, it was hard to speak.
she went to hospital tired and weak,
eleven years old, it was hard to speak.
And now she sits …

4. She lost the race that she wanted to win –
paper cranes couldn’t cover her with their wings,
cranes couldn’t cover her with their wings –
twelve years old and she wanted to win.
And now she lies with her …

5. This is our cry, this is our prayer,
“May the crane of peace fly everywhere!”
This is our cry, this is our prayer,
“Crane of peace fly everywhere!

Peace Flame
Peace flame

Craig and I with the Peace Flame
A lovely Japanese man carrying his own DSLR offered to take this photo, it worked much better than at Fushimi Inari where a well meaning American lady carrying a little point and shoot offered to take one similar.
She was perplexed by the viewfinder, ahh how cameras have changed.

I talked to a different group of kids
There were small groups of children running around talking to tourists and practising their (ever so polite) English.
They asked what our names are, where we were from, our favourite part of Japan, and if we had a message for the Japanese people. They had us write our answers on 1 side of a piece of paper and circle our home city on the world map printed on the other.
In exchange they gave us each one of these pink pieces of paper.
Craig has a photo on his camera of me with the Japanese school children. We are the same height.

Korean Memorial
Korean Memorial
(it’s no use Mr James, it’s turtles all the way down)

V for Fanta Jelly!
Fanta Jelly!


Thursday: 8:15 - Watch in the Museum
Hiroshima Museum

Craig, caught thinking
A hilariously unplanned photo of Craig caught thinking.

Sadako's Cranes
Some of Sadako’s cranes!

A girl, holding a fish, riding a fish. Of course.
A girl, holding a fish, riding a fish. Of course.

Hiroshima Castle
Hiroshima Castle.

Bombed Willow Tree


Beware of Schoolgirls

Back at Hiroshima Station
Back at Hiroshima Station.

Craig, waiting for the Shinkansen
Waiting …

Me, waiting on the Shinkansen
Waiting …

Bullet Train
and a slightly slower bullet train back to Osaka.