A peek inside my bedroom

On the weekend, yes, this weekend just passed, I finally completed unpacking at Park Place!

That is, as long as you ignore the shambles which is my office. Why do I even have an office? all of this must be ignored. Along with the realisation that it took two months (exactly) for the unpacking to cease.

But I digress, my final final battle in the war of the boxes was my jewellery. I have a lot of jewellery. I like it! It’s sparkly! And when I had packed up said jewellery I didn’t go about it in a neat and tidy manner, I was delirious with jet lag and post-Japan malaise, so it was all (save for the 2 pairs of earrings, 3 necklaces, & 4 rings I had travelled with) thrown into a plastic bag. Or two. I have a LOT of jewellery.

And so the task of unpacking my darling jewels took a good three hours. And that’s just wrong. Sure, mostly it was because of the whole just chuck it all in a bag, it’ll be FINE delusion but still, wow.
This is also since my post-new-years-resolution to have less stuff.
So I culled. I threw out the lonely earrings, missing a mate, and the irrevocably damaged. The rest I boxed up for the vultures of my darling family to fall upon. I restricted myself to favourite pieces*, those of great sentimental value**, and those I consider “grown up” jewellery, the silver and gold***.

And then? I put on my scarily organised hat, pulled out my two perspex jewellery boxes from Muji (one purchased in London and one in Osaka) and organised to my cold black heart’s content.
And then I photographed it, so that the darling family who don’t live at Park Place can see and mock, lovingly of course.

Organised Chaos: Jewellery Edition

Organised Chaos: Jewellery Edition

Organised Chaos: Jewellery Edition

* Like my Anatomical Heart and Moustache necklaces.

** Like the earrings to which I am allergic but which were given to me as an 8/9 year old by a cousin living overseas, when I wasn’t allowed my ears pierced until I was 11, and the ring with a plastic rat on it (with diamante eyes!) which provoked someone into speaking to me on the tube (who wasn’t completely drunk)(you can see his tiny ratty feet in the second photo, he’s in the ring drawer), and the ring Craig gave me on our first valentines day together (2001!).

*** I may consider them grown up due to the material but they still include my sterling silver knuckleduster ring, my vampire fang necklace, & ring, & earrings … I have a lot of sterling silver jewellery due to my nickel allergy.



  1. Kat · January 22, 2010

    Someone spoke to you on the tube?!?!?Heee.

  2. Amy · February 11, 2010

    (1) Isn't Muji the best!(2) I always dreamed of a dressing table like yours when I was a wee girl…I still do.

  3. Sarah-Rose · February 15, 2010

    Kat – it was crazy. And unexpected.Amy – I adore Muji. It's a little sick. Also? that's pretty grown up a dream. When I was a little girl my dream dresser was white and frilly and frothiness.

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