Week Nine

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Cider & Tudors
A relaxing Sunday afternoon – with Cider and the Tudors.

Monday: Excavating
We came home from work to find a pool on our kitchen floor and a slightly defrosted freezer. Craig took the opportunity to … spatula out the excess frost.
It’s all we can expect from a $50 fridge/freezer.

Tuesday: Jewellery Challenge
After another day of wearing my pyramid stud earrings, zelda fitzgerald ring, diamond horseshoe necklace, and chunky chain bracelet I decided that I needed to get out of my jewellery rut. So I put the aforementioned in a special box and challenged myself to wear completely different jewellery on Wednesday,

Wednesday: Walking Home
My darling husband had to work late. So I caught the train and then walked up the hill. It was really quite lovely, golden hour with the sun at my back.

Thursday: Lunch Break
Strange strange weather. Pouring with rain when we left home in the morning but by midday it was blazing sun.

Friday: Creepy Lollipop
I donated to cancer research and received this lollipop in return. I find his little printed face and overalls inestimably creepy.

Saturday: Grammar Nazi
Craig and I went to an exhibition (or 3) at Te Papa then went for a walk along the waterfront.
I loved that someone had corrected this sign!




Not feeling very bloggy …

To: Sarah-Rose
From: Craig
I felt bad about making you walk home tonight so I got you a present, but you’ll have to wait till I get home till you know what it is,
mwhaa haha.

To: Craig
From: Sarah-Rose
You are so cute. And evil. Which is also soooo cute.

Week Eight

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Cupcake
Cupcakes in the cemetery with my darling husband.

Monday: Red red Lipstick
I wore bright bright red lipstick to work. It tasted like watermelons (inexplicably) and made me very happy.

Tuesday: Sunrise
An astounding sunrise. Orange sherbet skies.

Wednesday: Creepy Plant
I took the day off work (to go to the Doctors and the hairdressers. And because I could) and saw this horrific diseased (I’m guessing) plant on my way back home.
Edit: one of my many superheroesque friends, in this case Eco Ray, has pointed out that this is a natural discolouration on a willow tree. I maintain that a natural discolouration that looks like blood filled blisters is CREEPY. But I am glad the tree is healthy.

Thursday: Melancholy Pears
Feeling melancholy so I went and stood in the rain and took photos of pears on the tree in our backyard. What? don’t mock my melancholy.

Friday: Note to Self
A note to self regarding headwear for Summer Shakespeare.
In the end it was too sunny when leaving the house that I opted for my handbag-friendly beret instead*.

Saturday: Sir C
Discussing evening plans with Craig. We ended up going out for pizza and The Wolfman with friends.


Inadvertent Self Portrait
Inadvertent self portrait when framing up our anniversary photo.

* Incidentally, the play was wonderful. Measure for Measure. I auditioned but didn’t get a part (sigh) and while I think, naturally, it would have been better if I’d been in it, I still thought it was very well done and the girl in the role I had coveted? she did admirably. SIGH. It’s so hard to be bitter sometimes.

Week Seven

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Back at the Hutt River
Another beautiful day, I went back to the River.

Monday: bush walk!
A trip to Karori Sanctuary with some people from my office.

Tuesday: Sick day. Trademe clothes.
Off work sick, I rallied in the afternoon and managed to photograph and fold a boxful of clothes to sell on Trademe.

Wednesday: mmm coffee
Up early, making coffee.

Thursday: Bennetts Quote
A week of valentine’s day quotes at Bennetts. Thankfully not all were cloying.

Friday: strange fog
Lights of the Hutt Valley seen through yet more fog.

Saturday: Cupcakes from our Flatmate
Coconut ice cupcakes from our flatmate. Delicious.


Audiobook at the Hutt River
Listening to an Audiobook on the banks of the Hutt River.

Week Six

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: with the Tudors
I spent a grey Sunday with the Tudors in Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

Monday: Creepy Doll
I put this creepy doll (from my grandmother) out in the day room. Adorably creepy.

Tuesday: The Waterfront
I walked down to the sea on my lunch break. It was lovely. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.

Wednesday: Decanting Grapefruit
Finally, finally, finally, I did what I’d been intending since July 2008 – I decanted some of my Marc Jacobs Grapefruit into a little purse size spray.

Thursday: Graffiti, Masons Lane
Graffiti in Masons Lane on the way to drinks with Petra.

Friday: Sevens
There were too many people out on Friday lunchtime, in their costumes for the Sevens, and already drunk.
I did like the carebears though.

Saturday: Hutt River
I walked all the way down the hill from Park place and along the riverbank into our little city.
It was beautiful weather and I ducked through an opening in the trees to sit on the hot rocks and watch the water for awhile.


Lady Gaga HairBow
Sometimes I wear my Lady Gaga Hairbow to the office.

Spending Hiatus: Update One

Oh, dear Internet, I have a confession to make.
I slipped, ever so slightly, off the hiatus wagon (or, off my hiatus horse to use a painful punny metaphor).
But I must preface.

On the 6th January I wrote, hurriedly & rashly, that I would purchase No More until 14th April.
As I was writing the caveats our dinner dates arrived and I hit publish, sent a tweet, and thought more of it later.

hiatus tweet

But because I am (all too) rational, I knew that I would find a complete dearth of shopping difficult to maintain, and so my rushed caveats were amended thusly:

x No clothes. Unless repairing or replacing.
x No books. None at all. Seriously. Use a damn library darling covetous self.
x If a purchase is desired, it must be run past my moral compass (aka Craig).
x If a purchase is made without approval penance must be paid*.
x Penance is to be decided by said darling Moral Compass.
x Charity is exempt.

And so, I have a confession. I have slipped.

Lovely Cue Shirt

1. This beautiful beautiful top which I had coveted from afar, then found at a reduced price. Darling Craig approved of a 10 day cooling off period & if it was still available? then it would be mine.


2. Wendy Brandes, my second favourite jewellery designer (sorry WendyB! NZ designers Meadowlark hold my number one, but you are still have the foulest mouth!) is donating a significant portion of the proceeds of her Teeny Genie necklaces to Janet, a blogger who lost her husband suddenly & unexpectedly to suicide. The thought of that terrifies me (Love you Craig!) and this was perfect. Charity, for someone I truly want to help** , & a reminder of the larger WendyB piece for which I am (still) fervently saving.

Accidental Baggage

3. A lovely lovely bag, on sale from $219 to $80. In a fit of low blood sugar and high caffeine, I purchased it. Without running it past Monsieur MC. When I got back to the office we had the following email exchange:

To: Craig
From: Sarah-Rose

I bought a bag. A pretty bag which was down to $80 from $219.
Please consider my penance. Covering dinner for your nights for two weeks? a week without V? something nefarious you decide? no penance as that was a really good deal?
I wait with bated breath.

To: Sarah-Rose
From: Craig

Penance must be paid, I will take your comments under advisement and pass my judgment in due course.

He deemed that covering 3 of his cooking nights was sufficient. That’ll be just annoying enough.

Sigh. Overall? I have to admit that, for me, I have done pretty well. I have four boxes of clothes, shoes, jewellery, ephemera to donate to siblings & charity, my wardrobe doesn’t bulge, my drawers are half empty, and I am getting through my “to read” mountain.
It feels good. Much like this confession. Cathartic.

I feel hopeful for the next seventy days.
And I certainly hope I have far fewer (0??) confessions to make.

View from Park Place

* I did take holy communion at an early age and it seems something stuck. Ack!
** By the way, I do want to help many people & support many causes & donate donate donate, but this one involves the purchase of jewellery & as such, is a grey area under the Charity exemption.

Another letter to The Internet

Dear The Internet,

Can you believe it’s February already?
I can’t. Truly, I can’t. It just baffles me.
I think the reason that I’m having such trouble coming to terms with month 2/12 is that it hasn’t really felt like January down this end of the world. We in the Southern Hemisphere are supposed to have some semblance of a summer – admittedly a more temperate version than most other places in the WORLD – and yet Wellington has not had 2 weekend days of sun in a row since November and that feels like an eternity ago. And it is now officially completely unacceptable. If it goes on much longer … well, I’ll just pout. But I will WISH I could do something about it.

In other not-so-interesting news, dearest, darling, The Internet, I have become obsessed with an iPhone Application called Sleep Cycle. For $1.29 and a little bit of panic regarding crushing the phone in my sleep (NOT YET!) it tracks my sleeping patterns and … well, it tracks when I am sleeping deeply, dreaming, or sleeping very lightly. And then it wakes me when I’m pretty much awake already.
Oh and it’s not arbitrary. You set what time you need to be awake – in my case, on exercise days, that is 4:30am (YES, I KNOW that’s early.) – and it chooses the best time in the preceding half hour to set the alarm off. Like yesterday! it woke me at 4:09am BUT! I did not feel drowsy at all. It’s like magic!
Boring boring magic.

Sleep Cycle.

Ahh, I do not care that it was 21 minutes earlier than necessary. Anything that makes waking up at 4:30(ish)am easier is oh, just fine by me.

Yours in geekery,

p.s. February is my favourite month of the year. The weather is (or HAD BETTER BE) better than in January, I like St Valentine’s Day* which is precisely one month after our wedding anniversary, and I simply enjoy the number 2.

* The roots of St. Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia. On Lupercalia, a young man would draw the name of a young woman in a lottery and would then keep the woman as a sexual companion for the year!