Week Six

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: with the Tudors
I spent a grey Sunday with the Tudors in Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

Monday: Creepy Doll
I put this creepy doll (from my grandmother) out in the day room. Adorably creepy.

Tuesday: The Waterfront
I walked down to the sea on my lunch break. It was lovely. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.

Wednesday: Decanting Grapefruit
Finally, finally, finally, I did what I’d been intending since July 2008 – I decanted some of my Marc Jacobs Grapefruit into a little purse size spray.

Thursday: Graffiti, Masons Lane
Graffiti in Masons Lane on the way to drinks with Petra.

Friday: Sevens
There were too many people out on Friday lunchtime, in their costumes for the Sevens, and already drunk.
I did like the carebears though.

Saturday: Hutt River
I walked all the way down the hill from Park place and along the riverbank into our little city.
It was beautiful weather and I ducked through an opening in the trees to sit on the hot rocks and watch the water for awhile.


Lady Gaga HairBow
Sometimes I wear my Lady Gaga Hairbow to the office.


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