Week Eight

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Cupcake
Cupcakes in the cemetery with my darling husband.

Monday: Red red Lipstick
I wore bright bright red lipstick to work. It tasted like watermelons (inexplicably) and made me very happy.

Tuesday: Sunrise
An astounding sunrise. Orange sherbet skies.

Wednesday: Creepy Plant
I took the day off work (to go to the Doctors and the hairdressers. And because I could) and saw this horrific diseased (I’m guessing) plant on my way back home.
Edit: one of my many superheroesque friends, in this case Eco Ray, has pointed out that this is a natural discolouration on a willow tree. I maintain that a natural discolouration that looks like blood filled blisters is CREEPY. But I am glad the tree is healthy.

Thursday: Melancholy Pears
Feeling melancholy so I went and stood in the rain and took photos of pears on the tree in our backyard. What? don’t mock my melancholy.

Friday: Note to Self
A note to self regarding headwear for Summer Shakespeare.
In the end it was too sunny when leaving the house that I opted for my handbag-friendly beret instead*.

Saturday: Sir C
Discussing evening plans with Craig. We ended up going out for pizza and The Wolfman with friends.


Inadvertent Self Portrait
Inadvertent self portrait when framing up our anniversary photo.

* Incidentally, the play was wonderful. Measure for Measure. I auditioned but didn’t get a part (sigh) and while I think, naturally, it would have been better if I’d been in it, I still thought it was very well done and the girl in the role I had coveted? she did admirably. SIGH. It’s so hard to be bitter sometimes.


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