Park Place Vignettes: Nightmare Edition

Huge House Spider

This spider was in our house. IN OUR HOUSE.
It made me stop short & say in a VERY SERIOUS VOICE Jesus H. Christ which of course panicked Craig just a little.

Huge House Spider

It is officially the biggest spider I have ever seen in New Zealand & in our house.
(I have seen bigger spiders – in Tahiti, Thailand, & Australia)
Also? that’s a large pen. Not, say, a biro..

Huge House Spider

I took the photos then allowed Craig to kill it. When I vacuumed it up later, it was large enough to clatter up the hose.

p.s. apologies to arachnophobes!
p.p.s. I hate them too. I promise. The photos are something like … watching a horror movie for me. Brrr.



  1. Kat · March 2, 2010

    Hee. I have no problem with spiders, but guhhhh.I'm surprised you haven't seen more of them, living up there, though! when we lived in Belmont we had them all the time.

  2. Charlie · March 6, 2010

    That is like something out of a discovery channel doco….I mean it's all spindly and gross….freaky…

  3. bryan · March 7, 2010

    noticing your tag, an irrational fear would be if you were afraid of the pen pictured. feel free to freak over the arachnid. any idea what kind it is? poisonous? you all have as many venomous spiders as they do in australia?

  4. Sarah-Rose · March 9, 2010

    Kat – there's the curled up corpse of one in the bathtub. I think our lovely flatmate killed it. DON'T TELL ME THERE ARE MORE!!!Charlie – I know, right? It's not huge overall but the legs and buuuuh. So gross.Bryan – Why yes, fear of the pen WOULD be more irrational. But no, NZ has one venemous spider (the red back) and it's teeny tiny. So I consider a fear of a (GIANT NIGHTMARE) non-venomous spider somewhat irrational. No idea what kind though – and I cannot face googling!

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