Week Ten

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: At the Hutt Valley Rail Open Day.
Craig took me to the Hutt Rail Open Day because he likes to look at big machines. I wore short-shorts and bejewelled flats and wandered around taking photos.

Monday: My youngest sister started University today
My youngest baby sister started university on Monday, the other baby sister started a new job, living in a new flat. I felt old.

Tuesday: Walking to meet Craig near the train station
I have been meeting Craig at the train station before we drive home. On Tuesday I felt bad for the crowds delayed by broken down trains but so so glad that we drive in to Wellington now.

Wednesday: Craig was late
And on Wednesday Craig got caught in bombscare traffic and he was late. Thankfully it was sunny.

Thursday: Countries and Dates
Filling out a form for a NON SPECIFIC work thing, I have to list all the countries I’ve visited in the last five years.
The easiest way to do it was to work out where I was chronologically, hence all the UK entries.

Friday: DimitySo
Lingerie from the DimitySO team. I feel quite bad that I was so disappointed.

Saturday: Skulls at the Martinborough Fair
Craig and I drove up to Martinborough to attend their annual fair. He had to practically me away from the bones and fossils stand.


Crazy hair - 2 days without washing, with hairspray and dry shampoo and up-dos.
Crazy hair.
2 days without washing, with a lot of hairspray and dry shampoo, manic and curly from up-dos.


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