Week Twelve

The Week in Photographs

Wolf Hall and Flickr Uploadr on my Macbook. Just like what feels like every single Sunday this year.
I am loving Wolf Hall but it seems interminable.

Monday: Dawn. At Work.
Beautiful sky. Sunrise at work. The days are getting shorter.

Tuesday: Flight Centre
Ah, the beginning of the Flight Centre Saga*.

Wednesday: Nailpolish for St Patrick
St Patrick’s day. I went understated and wore all black but with MInt Green fingernails, a shamrock around my neck, and a claddagh and snake** rings.

Thursday: Don't Panic
Craig and I had been watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy earlier in the week and then, all of a sudden, this quote appeared outside Bennetts. And it’s not even close to Towel Day.

Friday: FLATTOS? What??
Flattos. Disc like peaches.
According to flattos.co.nz they are an heirloom fruit and are sweeter and less messy than more spherical peaches.

Saturday: "Antique" Auction
Craig dragged me out to a giant shed where an auction was being held. He was looking at welders and I was looking at antiques. He decided not to come back to take part – he says it’s because the welders would most likely go for more than his budget but I think it was just to stop me buying strange and ornate ‘antique’ asian furniture. Because I would. It was amazing & bizarre.


Leather and Lace

* Craig and I wanted to spend a week in Fiji in July to celebrate the fact that as of the 15th July 2010 we will have been together an entire decade (in fact, 6:15 that night marks the moment). We had done research and chosen where we wanted to stay but we wanted to book with an actual travel agent (I don’t remember why exactly. Something to do with payment) and so, on Wednesday I arranged it all with a travel agent when Craig, sweet infuriating man that he is, decided that we should get another quote from another agent, just in case, what can it hurt, and in the DAY and a HALF that it took the agent to get back to us (not an unreasonable time) the amazing resort within our budget became COMPLETELY BOOKED.
All Friday afternoon and Saturday morning we tried to find anything similar in our pricerange and we came up completely blank.
And so, on Saturday afternoon, after half an hour of tears & accusations in our car in a carpark, we went to yet another travel agent (this makes four) and instead booked a trip to Hawaii for our 5 year wedding anniversary (14 January 2011).
This means longer to save, a trip to Hawaii like we had originally wanted for July this year, and like 2008’s trip was Turtles and Pearl Harbour, 2011’s will be Manta Rays and Volcanoes.

** Because Jolly Old Saint Pat is feted for ridding Ireland of snakes. And setting up the Catholic Church there, but I don’t have a particularly “catholic” ring.


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