Week Fourteen

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Modigliani's Alice at Night
I bought this print of Alice by Modigliani from the side of the road in Karori. She looks perfect in our hallway.

Monday: Work Trip
A work trip. Which I don’t discuss.

Tuesday: Street Sign
Some days I hate this sign and some days I like it. Tuesday was one of the latter.

Wednesday: Craig's Threadless Order
Craig’s threadless order arrived! 4 new tee-shirts.

Thursday: Hateful day
A hateful day. April Fools.
But! The last day of a short week before a four day weekend!

Friday: Big Sky New Zealand
We woke up late, packed, and drove to Taupo.

Saturday: Craig watching the instructional video
A not so nice day. Craig was due to skydive at 11am (his christmas present!) but it was delayed until midday, then until 2pm. But the clouds didn’t part. The last time he even got into his jumpsuit (pictured) but still no dice.
We will reschedule. And pray for clear skies.


Glasses & Kids Sweatshirt
Also? I’m wearing a sweatshirt purchased (I forgot that it might be chilly during the day in Taupo) in the Child section of a large department store. Craig was very amused.
But it was half the price and with a greater discount than the grown up clothes. There are benefits to being diminutive.


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