Week Fifteen

The Week in Photographs

Synday: Starwars Potato Heads on the set of Tetris Cops
I spent most of the day filming for Tetris Cops. These Star Wars potato heads were on the set.

Monday: Holiday! Brownie-Day
Monday was a holiday. I baked Brownies with a Himalayan Salt crust. They were delicious.

Tuesday: Easter Egg from my parents
The one Easter Egg I received in 2010, from my darling parents.

Wednesday: Post fall in the supermarket
I slipped and fell on some rotten fruit on the ground in Petone Pak n Save. It hurt. A lot. But mainly I was worried about my camera so I took a test shot.
It occurred to me that despite there being a lot of Pak n Save workers around, not one person other than Craig checked that I was okay.

Thursday: Accessories
Two of my current favourite accessories.

Friday: After after work drinks
After after work drinks.

Saturday: Craig & his football
The sun was out and I couldn’t think of a good excuse so I went to Wellington and watched Craig play football.


Wide Angle



  1. Holly · April 11, 2010

    Wow! That's pretty bad that you fell over in the supermarket, but nobody came to check whether you were alright! :O

  2. Sarah-Rose · April 15, 2010

    Yea. It was really busy so I would have expected one of the employees to check! but I guess they saw that Craig was there and figured I was being taken care of.

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