Spending Hiatus: The Final Update

Dearest Darling The Internet,

My spending hiatus has ended not with a bang but with a whimper.
I’m sorry. I fell off the wagon.

MbyMJ Bag (Letters ahoy!)

First, I stalked and sniped a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag on eBay (it’s lovely) and then I found a special one-day-sale pair of jeans – soft grey, high waisted, and down from $119 to $30.

Lee Riders

And such as 1+1=2, purchase + purchase = failure.
But! As with my 2009-2010 regime of diet & exercise*, I am not berating myself for the failure. I still did remarkably well, ou know, for ME, and the day of the end of the hiatus passed (and it was payday) with only the purchase of a fine tooth comb..
I think that the long term ramifications of this hiatus will stick.

I enjoy the space in my drawers and in my wardrobe. I enjoy repurposing clothes** and while I still haven’t gotten around to selling that box of clothes, I have added to it and add again I will. It will probably end up going to charity but it’s out my life!

So while I did not succeed completely, I think I did enough. And that will do.

Plus, that bag is really cute. Letters ahoy!

* a story for another day.
** earlier this week I wore a short summer dress under a pencil skirt and blazer, it was very cute as a top. Tomorrow I am going to wear a dress which is two sizes too big but! with a studded waist belt? so cute.



  1. *alyciamaree* · April 14, 2010

    if you feel like keeping some of your amazing clothes for moi I would not say no!!!! ax

  2. Kat · April 14, 2010

    I love the way you repurpose clothes. It shows your eye for style and changing things up! I wish I had that kind of style or even bothered to prepare ahead of time more. There are some outfits I really really love wearing and stick to, but I feel so boring.It was one of my resolutions to have more of a personal style, and I'm going to try and be better at it for the warmer months.

  3. Kat · April 14, 2010

    I'm also curious to know how losing weight and sticking to exercise is a failure! hee. Or are you now eating cake all day.

  4. Sarah-Rose · April 15, 2010

    Aly – sadly, none of the clothes I'm giving away are amazing. Actually! I have a tee to send you!! email me your postal address!Kat – oh, thank you! if I didn't prepare beforehand I would be lost. I've gotten into the habit of writing my outfit in my diary, marking it out of ten (uber nerd) and then flagging the ones that I give seven, eight, or nine out of ten. Super handy if I don't plan the night before.Also, I can see how the diet as failure thing might have been misconstrued. What I meant was that, like with the hiatus, I was aiming for 80-90 per cent success, and I didn't berate myself if I did less than perfectly. So while I try and eat well 80 per cent of the time, I'm not going to count my diet as a complete failure if I slip up, and being gentle on myself like that allows me to continue with the diary even if I do eat chocolate at lunch and then also have dessert or something.

  5. Kat · April 15, 2010

    Ahhhhh. I'm never going to stop eating dessert or chocolate, so I totally understand there. I think what really works for me is having a day of the week where I don't stress about what I'm eating and let myself have a rich curry or chocolate icecream. :)xx

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